• ABA 500 and ABA 300: Get the Best for Your Abel Flash Point Testing
  • Table 1: ABA 500 test results for sample 885 compared with the average of the ILS
  • Table 2: ABA 500 test results for sample 886 compared with the average of the ILS

Flash Point

ABA 500 and ABA 300: Get the Best for Your Abel Flash Point Testing

Nov 14 2023

Our next-generation Abel (ABA 500 and ABA 300) flash point testers provide unique features to increase productivity and reduce operational costs at the same time. The ceramic-coated hot wire electric igniter has a lifetime 10x greater than that of other igniters on the market. Together with the unique two-in-one cooling system (liquid and air in one instrument) of the ABA 500 and the intuitive user interface with status light, this makes Anton Paar’s next-generation flash point testers the number one choice.

ABA 500: Proven precision at its best

ILS (interlaboratory study) testing programs are valuable tools for laboratories and instrument manufacturers to conduct specified tests on the same material in accordance with the same test method and to compare the results. Since 1996, Anton Paar has been regularly participating in the FAM (Fachausschuss Mineralöl- und Brennstoffnormung, a German standardisation committee for mineral oils and fuels) ILS testing program to verify the precision of our automatic Abel closed cup flash point testers.

Over the course of the current FAM ILS, 19 laboratories analysed two jet fuel samples, 885 and 886. The given standard was ISO 13736 / IP 170, covering the flash point determination of combustible liquids with flash points between -30 °C and +75 °C. This year, ABA 500, our latest development in Abel flash point testing, was used for the first time in the ILS testing program. The results? Excellent precision and outstanding usability.

The test result is the barometric pressure corrected flash point temperature. Each sample was tested twice. Table 1 and Table 2 show the ABA 500 test results compared with the results of the FAM ILS Testing Program. Comparing the values of the ABA 500 with the average value of the interlaboratory study, the results of the ABA 500 are clearly within the suggested precision.

Safety and connectivity

Our next-generation flash point testers are the safest such instruments on the market. A fire extinguisher (standard or optional) has been fully integrated into the instrument design along with a fail-safe redundant two-sensor fire detection system. Automatic safety procedures extinguish fires, safely terminate a running measurement, and automatically cool down the instrument and sample to a safe handling temperature. In another layer of safety, customisable safety parameters in the measurement procedures anticipate risks. Compatible with AP Connect (including automated emails and LIMS export), our lab execution software, the instruments increase productivity and improve data quality.

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