• New generation of flash point testers for jet fuels, solvents, and chemicals

Flash Point

New generation of flash point testers for jet fuels, solvents, and chemicals

Dec 01 2023

Anton Paar’s latest TAG (TAG 500 and TAG 300) and Abel (ABA 500 and ABA 300) flash-point testers, provide simple, precise and reliable determination of flash point for samples such as jet fuels, solvents, and chemicals.

The new analysers include an electric igniter that lasts ten times longer than comparable igniters, so end-users have far less expensive and disruptive downtimes saving valuable time and money. The TAG/ABA 500 Series of flash point testers feature a unique 2-in-1 cooling system, enabling operators to use them with or without an external chiller. This cooling system facilitates flexible operation within a sample temperature range of -35 ° to +130 °Celsius.

Wetted parts can be dissembled in a matter of seconds and the instruments are easy to clean ensuring that there is no sample carry-over. Thanks to the devices’ fail-safe fire detection system and integrated fire extinguisher, end users are guaranteed both safe and efficient operation.

The new TAG and Abel flash-point testers can be connected to Anton Paar’s lab execution software AP Connect; automated email notifications or LIMS export are also easy to set-up to the operator’s specific criteria.

Anton Paar took part in the 2023 FAM ILS Testing Program to analyse jet fuel samples 885 and 886 with the ABA 500 and achieved top results. The ABA 500 conformed to ISO 13736 / IP 170, for the flash point analysis of combustible liquids with flash points ranging between -30 ° and +75 °Celsius.

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