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Flash Point Testers from Anton Paar

Sep 19 2023

With our closed- and open-cup flash-point tester series, you can easily determine the flash and fire point for samples like diesel and biodiesel, jet fuels, bitumen, lubricating oils, solvents, flavors and fragrances, chemicals, and more. Our flash point testers comply with various international standards, including ASTM D93, ISO 2719, ASTM D92, ISO 2592, ASTM D56, ISO 13736, and others.

Powerful feature set with our next-generation flash point testers

Our next-generation Pensky-Martens (PMA 500 and PMA 300) and Abel (ABA 500 and ABA 300) flash point testers provide you unique features to increase productivity and reduce operational costs at the same time. The ceramic-coated hot wire electric igniter has a lifetime 10 times greater than that of other igniters on the market. Together with the powerful cooling for all the instruments, which reduces measurement cycle time, the unique two-in-one cooling system (liquid and air in one instrument) of the ABA 500, and the intuitive user interface with status light, this makes Anton Paar’s next-generation flash point testers the number one choice. And you’ll always have the choice between a budget-friendly, but still-advanced instrument or a state-of-the-art one at a still-fair price.

Focus on usability since 150 years

With Anton Paar, flash point testing is easier than ever before. Powerful, intuitive software features help you get your work done quickly. Guided procedures ensure standards-conformant testing, fast and reliable quality control, and accurate adjustment of all instrument sensors. Measurement setup is straightforward. So is test equipment disassembly for cleaning. Since the multi-function head automatically and smoothly connects with the temperature and flash point sensor, there are no cables to plug in or disconnect. A large display and a status light let you observe the instrument status from a distance.

Safety and connectivity

Our next-generation flash point testers are the safest such instruments on the market. A standard or optional fire extinguisher fully integrates into the smooth instrument design in combination with a fail-safe redundant two-sensor fire detection system. Automatic safety procedures extinguish any fire, safely terminate a running measurement, and automatically cool down instrument and sample to a safe handling temperature. Customizable safety parameters in the measurement procedures anticipate risks, in another layer of safety.

Compatible with AP Connect (including automated emails and LIMS export), our lab execution software, the instruments increase productivity and improve data quality.

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