• Next-generation of flash point testers are Abel to meet with international standards, while enhancing lab efficiency and safety

Flash Point

Next-generation of flash point testers are Abel to meet with international standards, while enhancing lab efficiency and safety

Aug 10 2023

Anton Paar’s next-generation Abel flash-point tester series enable users to easily determine the flash point for samples like jet fuels, solvents, flavours and fragrances, and chemicals. Moreover, these flash point testers comply with various international standards, including ISO 13736, IP 170, ISO 1516, ISO 1523, IP 492, EN 924, IP 491, and others.

With their ceramic-coated electric igniter, the Abel series instruments’ electric igniters have 10 times longer lifetimes than other flash point instruments on the market, which eliminates costly downtimes and high running costs. The ABA 500 combines two instruments into one (you can operate them with or without an external chiller) for full flexibility and a wide sample spectrum ( -35 °C to +130 °C sample temperature).

Anton Paar’s Abel flash point testers have been designed to make life easier for the operator. You can disassemble wetted parts in just a few seconds, easily clean the instruments so you do not have sample carryover and get feedback from the instrument from an intelligent status light. All these features promote lab efficiency.

The instruments, with their fail-safe fire detection system and fire extinguisher, are safe to use in your lab. Compatible with AP Connect, Anton Paar’s lab execution software, they increase lab productivity and improve your data quality. With AP Connect, users get automated emails as well as LIMS export.

Since 1996, Anton Paar has been regularly participating in the FAM ILS Testing Program to verify the precision of their automatic Abel closed cup flash point testers. In 2023, Anton Paar participated in the program specifically to test the jet fuel samples 885 and 886 with the ABA 500, and this test achieved top results. The given standard was ISO 13736 / IP 170, which covers the flash point determination of combustible liquids having flash points between -30 °C and +75 °C; you can read more about the test results here.

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