• Best Flashpoint Analyser for: Safety, Reliability and Precision!

Flash Point

Best Flashpoint Analyser for: Safety, Reliability and Precision!

Nov 16 2021

The MINIFLASH FP(H) Vision determines the flash point of flammable liquid mixtures according to ASTM D6450 and D7094. These test methods utilise a continuously closed-cup design and are the safest for flash point testing and results are rated statistically equivalent to ASTM D93/ISO 2719 Pensky-Martens. Grabner’s flash point analysers are approved by the US Department of Transportation, RCRA, US Navy and NATO.

The MINIFLASH FP Vision tests flash points between -25°C and 120°C (-13°F to 248°F). The high temperature version of the instrument, the MINIFLASH FPH Vision, determines flash points between 10°C and 400°C (50°F to 752°F). The advanced Peltier technology used in the instruments allows for fastest cooling cycles and sample turnaround. It also extends instrument life by ensuring optimal thermoelectrical regulation.

Key Features:

  • ASTM D6450 and D7094, D93/ISO 2719 Pensky-Martens
  • Continuously Closed Cup
  • 1-2 mL Sample Size
  • US DOT, RCRA, US Navy and NATO Approved.

Combine the MINIFLASH FP(H) VISION with the latest MINIFLASH FPA 12-position autosampler to increase laboratory productivity. Full-compatibility with Grabner’s Vision-series of flashpoint analysers allows a single autosampler to handle flashpoint measurements between -25° and 400°C (-13° and 752°F) and exchanging analysers takes seconds.

With a benchtop footprint of only ~1.9 ft² (0.18 m²), the FPA maintains Grabner’s focus on “mini methods”. Its industrial-grade coatings, electronics, motors, and hardware provide a robust design that is suited for continuous operation in the busiest laboratories and harsh environments. The MINIFLASH FPA Vision comes equipped with liquid cooling ports, allowing an external chiller to regulate the sample drawer’s internal temperature. Grabner Instruments has raised the bar for their class-defining flashpoint autosamplers by creating unmatched scalability, durability, and simplicity through innovation.

Key Features:

  • 12-position Sample Carousel
  • Small Footprint - With a benchtop footprint of only ~1.9 ft² (0.18 m²)
  • Modular Design – Autosampler can be combined with any MINIFLASH FP(H) VISION
  • Cabinet Cooling – When external liquid cooling is connected, sample cabinet temperature can be controlled.

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