• Flashpoint tester enhanced by the launch of 12-position autosampler

Flash Point

Flashpoint tester enhanced by the launch of 12-position autosampler

Mar 31 2023

Grabner Instruments has announced the release of its latest product, the MINIFLASH FPA Vision Autosampler. The FPA is a highly advanced automated accessory designed specifically for use with any MINIFLASH FP Vision analyser. With its modular design, the FPA provides scalability, allowing users to expand their system with an autosampler at any time.

The MINIFLASH FP Vision is a unique flashpoint tester that is designed to determine the flash points of liquids and solids. Using Grabner's flash point detection method, the analyser is triggered by an energy-controlled electric arc and measures instantaneous pressure increase inside a closed chamber. By heating the test chamber from the top, the analyser prevents condensation of highly volatile compounds and guarantees improved test results.

The MINIFLASH FP Vision Autosampler provides a sample position increase of 50% over the previous generation FLA model, which means less-frequent carousel changes and longer, uninterrupted runtime. This resource efficiency translates to increased profitability from FP-Vision analysers as daily sample-throughput can be significantly increased while reducing cost of operation.

With a benchtop footprint of only ~1.9 ft² (0.18 m²), the FPA maintains Grabner's focus on "mini methods." Its industrial-grade coatings, electronics, motors, and hardware provide a robust design that is suited for continuous operation in the busiest laboratories and harsh environments. The MINIFLASH FPA Vision comes equipped with liquid cooling ports, allowing an external chiller to regulate the sample drawer's internal temperature. Grabner Instruments has raised the bar for their class-defining flashpoint autosamplers by creating unmatched scalability, durability, and simplicity through innovation.

The 12-position sample carousel of the MINIFLASH FPA Vision is the highest sample throughput flashpoint autosampler available. Additionally, the small footprint of the FPA consumes minimal bench space, making it an ideal choice for labs with limited space. The modular design of the FPA allows it to be combined with any MINIFLASH FP Vision series analyser, making it a versatile addition to any lab.

The FPA’s cabinet cooling feature ensures that the sample cabinet temperature can be controlled when external liquid cooling is connected. During continuous operation in harsh environments, maintaining a controlled internal environment ensures that samples will not be exposed to elevated temperatures.

Check out the latest video on the MINIFLASH FPA Vision.

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