• ASTM® D2885 “on-line” octane number testing for blending.
    Real-time reporting of KI curves on the XCP Continuous Testing System’s intuitive interface screens.
  • CFR remote engine monitoring application screen.

Analytical Instrumentation

ASTM® D2885 “on-line” octane number testing for blending.

Dec 23 2021

CFR Engines proven Expandable Control Platform (XCP®) Technology is now available to serve ASTM D2885 on-line and blending applications through the XCP® Continuous Testing System (CTS). This new system allows automatic, 24/7 operation of the CFR XCP® system to link one or more engines to the refinery’s on-line octane blending system. 

The CTS runs on a standard CFR engine configured for ASTM D2699 or D2700 falling level format with a special system of valves and reservoirs. Fuel is sampled, conditioned, and presented to the engine through a series of valves and sensors. Knock intensity is continuously monitored and recorded as the fuel/air ratio is swept from rich to lean. The system switches between line sample and prototype according to D2885 and customer needs. The data is stored and fed back to the blending operator continuously.

Inherent to all XCP platforms, the on-board industrial PC manages all primary functions of the XCP® CTS. This design lends itself to easier integration of multiple units (via Modbus) onto the User’s supervisory control and data acquisition system. Each machine maintains its own data storage and independent network connectivity. Data can easily be backed up remotely on the User’s network.

Remote monitoring and controls that come standard on XCP® CTS are fully customizable through the XCP® application. Standard output screens, unit/system status and control, real time performance curves, and data table summaries can be displayed on workstations throughout the User’s network. 

XCP Technology provides the measurement accuracy of digital instrumentation, the flexibility and ease-of use of computer guided operation, and traceability and ease of reporting from a reliable database.

Like all CFR Engines Inc. products, the XCP® CTS is designed and manufactured to work as an integrated and reliable solution. CFR systems and components are built to work together seamlessly and deliver unsurpassed operating life, from the robust engine crankcase and cylinder to the industrial grade control panels and accessories. With basic maintenance and upkeep, a user can expect the complete XCP® CTS to withstand the continuous demands of today’s ASTM D2885 fuel testing environment.

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