• Innovative new engine air control system enhances sustainability in fuel testing laboratories

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Innovative new engine air control system enhances sustainability in fuel testing laboratories

Feb 15 2024

Laboratories play a crucial role in various fields, contributing to fuel testing and scientific research. However, the significant consumption of energy, materials, and consumables in laboratory operations has raised environmental concerns globally. In recent years, there has been a growing focus on integrating sustainable practices into laboratory activities, especially in the development of environmentally-friendly approaches to resource conservation.

CFR Engines Inc. has identified ways to improve the environmental impact of laboratory operations, specifically addressing the use of natural water in the recirculating system to cool engines. Typically, laboratories use potable water, which results in wastage of 5-6 litres per minute, averaging 2400 litres per 8-hour shift per engine. The implementation of water reduction strategies, such as adopting an integrated water recirculating system, has the potential to significantly reduce the lab’s environmental footprint.

CFR’s innovative new closed-loop Engine Air Control System (EACS), is a novel integrated recirculating system that mirrors the functionality of conventional EACS but eliminates the need for water. This sustainable system seamlessly interfaces with CFR’s XCP® Technology, ensuring efficient management. This sophisticated advancement highlights CFR’s dedication to creating environmentally sustainable products, empowering CFR users to minimise water wastage.

The need for environmental sustainability is no longer a choice but a shared responsibility for both labs and manufacturers alike. By prioritising energy efficiency, waste reduction, digitalisation, and responsible practices, laboratories can significantly improve their environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable future.

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