Determination of H2S in Water and Wastewater


ECH Elektrochemie Halle GmbH

Date: 14:00:00 - Mar 28 2019
Speakers: Karl Robertson, Dr. Michael Hahn, Dorit Wilke
Moderators: Tom Lynch

Detecting and monitoring the formation of H2S is critical to ensure the measurement of acidic corrosion, odour problems and most importantly, the health risks caused by H2S. 

This presentation will show you how H2S can be measured according to the new DIN 38405-27 procedure. Based on a simple gas extraction and electrochemical detection, ECH H2S Analysers are capable of measuring H2S from  0.01 to 10,000 ppm, can analyse up to 40 samples per hour and eliminates all interferences from the sample matrix.   

We will describe in depth how this procedure can be used in different fields: in your laboratory, as a mobile device or, as an on-line controller and how we integrate the analyser not only detect and monitor H2S,  but totally manage the dosing of the treatment chemicals saving our clients an incredible sum of money, who before using the ECH principle, were radically over estimating the amount of treatments solvents used. 

Key learning objectives

  • ECH Principle to DIN 38405-27
  • Automated dosing of the treatment chemicals
  • examples of time and cost savings using the ECH principle

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Karl Robertson
Karl Robertson (ECH Elektrochemie Halle GmbH)

Karl has been working in the field of petroleum, power grid and environmental testing for more than 20 years, having vast experience in the development of titration and electro chemistry products used in these fields.

Dr. Michael Hahn
Dr. Michael Hahn (ECH Elektrochemie Halle GmbH)

Michael has over 30 years of experience in the field of analysis. He holds a degree in chemistry and received his doctorate from Martin Luther University in Halle in 1991. Since then he has been very successful in the development of analytical measuring technology, the field of activity of ECH Elektrochemie Halle GmbH. In 1992 he was one of the three founders of this company. He successfully manages the company as sole managing director. He offers extensive experience, especially for interdisciplinary development and the creative linking of the various work areas. This concerns both the application possibilities and the technical implementation possibilities.

Dorit Wilke
Dorit Wilke (ECH Elektrochemie Halle GmbH)

Dorit is a proven scientist in the field of instrumental analysis. She has been working for ECH Elektrochemie GmbH for 20 years. Dorit holds a doctorate in chemistry and specializes in analytics, sensor technology and in method development, especially. She is chairwoman of the DIN Working Group NA 119-01-03-01-26 AK Working Group "Easily Releasable Sulphide" and thus in charge of the development of the national and international standard for the determination of hydrogen sulphide in water.


Tom Lynch
Tom Lynch (Labmate)

Tom has 35 years’ of experience in the petroleum industry, specialising in the delivery of forensic and problem solving /method development capabilities for BP Fuels and Lubricants businesses globally. He was also a member of the BP Science Council representing Analytical Science and led a BP wide Analytical Science network. Tom has published over 30 citable papers, 4 book chapters and has given over 60 presentations at conferences. He is a past Vice President of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) Analytical Division and a past Chairman of the RSC Separation Science Group. In addition, Tom is a recipient of the Silver Jubilee Medal by the Chromatographic Society and a technical achievement award by the Energy Institute.

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