• Kinematic viscometer offers perfect solution for the petroleum industry


Kinematic viscometer offers perfect solution for the petroleum industry

Apr 06 2023

The SVM 1001 kinematic viscometer, from Anton Paar, offers a smarter and more efficient alternative to manual glass capillary viscometers, making it the ideal instrument for fast at-line measurements or quality control of incoming goods in the petroleum industry.

The SVM 1001 kinematic viscometer has just one measuring cell, eliminating the need for operators to search for the right capillary or worry about their glass capillaries breaking. With its Simple Fill funnel, operators can fill the instrument with samples without using a pipette or syringe and get results in only two minutes. SVM 1001 can handle every sample, from diesel and additives to base oils and formulated lubricants, making it a versatile tool in the petroleum industry. This device offers ASTM D7042-compliant results for certification according to various standards, including SAE J300, EN 590, and D975. If required, the instrument can even deliver ASTM D445 results with its integrated ASTM bias correction. It is also exceptionally easy to use, even with minimal training, thanks to its easy-to-navigate interface. The instrument's built-in Peltier thermostatting also eliminates the need for hot or flammable bath fluids, which improves lab safety. This cutting-edge instrument is an ideal solution for used oil applications when combined with the magnetic particle trap (MPT), which can be mounted directly on the instrument to remove ferromagnetic particles, eliminating the need for extra sample preparation or more lab equipment. SVM 1001 can even be battery-powered for use in mobile labs or as a backup instrument.

With 150% higher throughput in comparison to manual glass capillaries, SVM 1001 kinematic viscometer is a game-changer in the petroleum industry. Its ability to deliver accurate results quickly, easily, and safely makes it the perfect solution for all kinematic viscosity measurements.

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