• A new name to remember in the field of gas sensor technology

A new name to remember in the field of gas sensor technology

Jan 19 2021

Since 2019 a German company, Sensorix GmbH from Bonn, has established itself as a global manufacturer of sensors for gas detectors in safety-critical applications. Its main focus is the production of the niche products, sensors for detection of exotic toxic gases such as O3, HCN, NH3, Cl2, ClO2, TBM, THT, as well as standard toxic gases like H2S and CO.

“Sensorix was founded responding to a global demand for high quality sensors made in Germany”, the founder, Dr. Andreas König says. All electrochemical sensors are designed to be used primarily in industrial safety applications. “Our goal is to establish long-term partnerships by providing customised solutions for gas detection tasks. We can achieve our goals through cooperation and thereby realise our vision - Together we save lives worldwide.”

“Quality, reliability and service are embedded in the DNA of the company”, as Dr. Andreas König points out. The high quality of Sensorix sensors is based on the 150-year experience of the Sensorix team in the toxic gases sector.

In the Sensorix laboratory in Bonn, they develop mainly electrochemical sensors which offer highly selective detecting of the target gas. As an example, the Sensorix TBM sensor detects mercaptans with zero cross sensitivity towards H2, CO, H2S and is ready for use in H2 containing natural gas (“power to gas”). In the opinion of Sensorix customers, these sensors present a “well-balanced combination of fast response time and minimal effects from humidity and temperature changes”. All Sensorix sensors have low and very stable baseline (see the graphic).

Sensorix’s combined years of manufacturing experience ensures that they produce all sensors to be accurate and reliable, conforming to their customers’ specifications and delivered on time. According to customer feedback, working with Sensorix is a pleasure thanks to their rapid and competent response to any request made.

The Sensorix team working in their extensive research and development department in the Bonn premises solve each gas detection task individually. All sensors are available in various standard formats, as well as in customer specific mechanical adaptations. Sensorix have also received very positive feedback from the market about their products “Your HCN sensor is outperforming others”, and “We are very satisfied about the lifetime of the H2S 2000 sensor in 150,000 ppm hours H2S”, are among the positive testimonials they have received. Especially O3 and HCN sensors have seen a strong demand right after their release.

Furthermore, Sensorix is expanding its product range. Gas sensors for phosgene (COCl2), hydrogen (H2), and hydrogen fluoride (HF) as well as ammonia (NH3) for -40°C will be available for ordering in the coming months.

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