• Improving Jet Fuel Thermal Oxidation Testing with the Global Leader

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Improving Jet Fuel Thermal Oxidation Testing with the Global Leader

Jul 18 2023

With a global install base exceeding 1,000 instruments, PAC’s Alcor JFTOT is the recognised standard for jet fuel thermal oxidation testing. The next generation JFTOT IV elevates the industry-leading product with enhanced safety features and simplified operational capabilities in a smaller, streamlined package that significantly increases operator productivity.

The Alcor JFTOT IV vastly improves laboratory safety by minimising operators’ exposure to jet fuel vapour thanks to the vapour containment system. Operators also benefit from heater tube safety door, as the test won’t start until the safety door is closed, preventing undue exposure to heat.

This instrument boasts enhanced user functions, software support for multiple languages, and the automation of traditionally time-intensive manual activities, such as pump priming, flow monitoring, and sample aeration. The JFTOT IV also offers easy and fast data extraction with a fully integrated RFID reader and writer for the Intelligent Heater Tubes™ (IHT).

Technical improvements to the new generation can increase lab productivity by 25% through faster analysis cycle time and reduced operator intervention by 40 minutes. The instrument also provides traceable results by storing the data electronically on the IHT, rather than only having a hard copy print out of the test.

Improve your operations in an easy, safe way while simultaneously increasing productivity and strictly adhering to ASTM D3241, IP 323, and ISO 6249 test methods.

Customers love the JFTOT IV, and even see benefits when training new operators:

“We were able to easily train our operators on how to use the instrument in a short amount of time and also ensure their safety when performing this crucial test… The JFTOT IV is significantly easier and safer to use… and operators are exposed to less jet fuel, which is a great design improvement.”

Learn more about the innovative Alcor JFTOT IV here.

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