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Renewable Diesel Testing Solutions for a Greener Future

Nov 14 2023

PAC helps customers within the renewable fuels industry in enhancing operational capacity, maximising production and percentage yield, reducing downtime and variability, and containing operational expenses. Our portfolio comprises the world’s most respected and long-established brands of analytical and testing equipment, all with a history of developing best-in-class analytical instrumentation for both laboratory and process applications.

With increasing economic, social, and regulatory pressures, the search for alternatives to petroleum-based fuels is intensifying. In the heavy-duty transport sector, renewable diesel, also known as hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO), is rapidly gaining investment support and will play a crucial role in decarbonisation efforts. Not only is renewable diesel derived from non-petroleum sources, but it also burns cleaner. It serves as a ready drop-in replacement for fossil diesel and can pave the way for energy independence.

Renewable diesel offers a higher quality end product and greater power and efficiency than biodiesel. Renewable diesel is also chemically identical to petroleum diesel so it can serve as a direct substitute for traditional diesel in existing vehicles or be blended in any proportion into petroleum diesel without any modifications to engines or distribution infrastructure.

As renewable diesel doesn’t require equipment modifications, many projections suggest that it will become the preferred option when considering biomass-based diesel. Due to its superior cetane value, renewable diesel is often used as a blendstock for petroleum diesel to improve and bring the product to specification. PAC’s CID 510 measures DCN (Derived Cetane Number), providing a fast and accurate correlation of the cetane number for both neat HVO and the blended final product. Our CID 510 has been extended to correlate to cetane numbers (ASTM D613) from 39 to 80, covering the range for conventional diesel, biodiesel, renewable diesel, and HVO.

Similarly, renewable diesel can be processed with improved cold properties over FAME, making it an ideal blendstock to optimise the cold flow specification. All of our OptiCPP, OptiMPP, and DFA-70Xi provide fast measurements for both cloud and pour points. The DFA-70Xi also combines cloud/pour, viscosity, and density measurement in a single analyser.

The PAC ElemeNtS efficiently detects Total Sulfur and/or Total Nitrogen using ultraviolet fluorescence (UVF) and chemiluminescence (CLD) in solid, liquid, gaseous materials, and LPG samples, including HVO and renewable diesel blends.

PAC’s renewable fuel testing solutions do not stop with renewable diesel. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of renewable fuels to assist customers with their SAF, ethanol, biodiesel, hydrogen, and, of course, renewable diesel testing needs. To learn more about our renewable diesel solutions, click here.

If you would like to explore our entire portfolio of renewable fuel solutions, click here.

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