• Moving Forward Safely and Sustainably with SAF

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Moving Forward Safely and Sustainably with SAF

Oct 17 2023

Governments and business alike are increasingly committing to ambitious decarbonization targets, galvanizing renewable fuels, specifically sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), as critical components in the energy transition.

As nations establish stricter environmental guidelines, fuel producers are compelled to seek greener fuel alternatives to traditional petroleum-based fuels. The aviation industry, in particular, is determined to develop sustainable solutions to produce cost-competitive, high-yield fuel with minimal environmental impact in response to evolving government mandates concerning SAF usage.

Since the first SAF test flight on a commercial aircraft in 2008, the aviation industry has established stringent standards for the approval of jet fuels. To gain approval, SAF must meet specific ASTM specifications. PAC offers an extensive product portfolio with industry-proven and ASTM-compliant solutions for SAF testing, encompassing extended requirements such as elemental analysis, physical properties, and gas chromatography.

PAC helps customers operating within the renewable fuels industry increase their operational capacity, maximize production and percentage yield, reduce downtime and variability, and contain operational expenses. Our portfolio comprises of the world’s most respected and long-established brands of analytical and testing equipment, all with a history of developing best-in-class analytical instrumentation for both laboratory and process applications.

Thermal stability remains a critical parameter to ensure no significant biomass residues and contaminants remain in the SAF. Our JFTOT-IV is designed for potentially more viscous streams and offers accurate and reliable thermal oxidative stability analysis with enhanced safety features and simplified operational capabilities, all within a compact design.

Our OptiReader, with multi-wavelength ellipsometric jet fuel heater tube rating, provides accurate and rapid results with excellent data integration capabilities. Additionally, the PAC ElemeNtS system enables total sulfur and total nitrogen detection using ultraviolet fluorescence and chemiluminescence in solid, liquid, and gaseous materials, including LPG, seamlessly transitioning from traditional fuels to SAF.

Determining freeze point, density, and viscosity is crucial for adhering to strict SAF specifications. Our JFA-70Xi is a self-cleaning instrument that performs freeze point, density, and viscosity analysis at both -20° and -40°, all within a single instrument. Users can choose between the new, side-mounted automatic sample injection post or a full-function 48-place autosampler for increased productivity.

PAC’s renewable fuel testing solutions do not stop at SAF. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of renewable fuels to assist customers with their ethanol, biodiesel, renewable diesel, hydrogen, and, of course, SAF testing needs. To learn more about our SAF solutions, click here.

If you would like to explore our entire portfolio of renewable fuel solutions, click here.

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