• Jet fuel thermal oxidation test on a new level of safety and efficiency

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Jet fuel thermal oxidation test on a new level of safety and efficiency

Oct 20 2023

AD Systems has developed the next generation of the TO10 Jet Fuel Thermal Oxidation Test instrument, optimising all the test conditions specified in ASTM D3241.

The TO10 is designed to take the precision of this important test method to the next, until now, unmatched level. All critical test parameters were carefully studied to reduce errors and improve accuracy and reliability. Several innovations (patented), state-of-the-art engineering solutions were implemented reducing uncertainty while bringing ease of operation and low maintenance.

The operator intervention is simplified to an unprecedented level: a dedicated gauge enables error-free heater tube positioning in the test section, which in turn does not require any tools for its assembly and connection to the apparatus. Thanks to the smart software, the operator controls all test conditions and monitors them in real-time from the same touch screen. The test sequence is fully automated from sample aeration till the rapid cooling at the end of the test. No special cleaning is required, and the lab efficiency and productivity drastically improved. If the ITR – DR10 (ASTM D3241 Annex 2) referee automatic tube rater is connected, the transfer of the heater tube scan and its assignment to the oxidation test is automatic. Thus, D3241 test report has full traceability including oxidation test conditions, dP curve, and the deposit thickness profile.

With its robustness and reliability, the TO10 is well-suited for any type of application from routine testing to research work on sustainable aviation fuels.

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