• Detection of Fuel Leakage in the Soil Around Underground Filling Tanks

Measurement and Testing

Detection of Fuel Leakage in the Soil Around Underground Filling Tanks

Jan 09 2009

Filling Stations by their very nature can be extremely hazardous, as they store and sell highly flammable liquids. It is therefore important to keep the risk of any potential hazards to a minimum, which is where the systematic use of a gas detector can help.

Not only does a leakage of fuel at a filling station present a safety risk, it also means that there is wastage in the fuel that is stored in underground storage tanks. A gas detector can help to locate and therefore minimise any wastage where a leak occurs, increasing efficiencies and profitability for the fuel company as a result.

A major fuel company in Israel has recently purchased 25 PhoCheck + PID systems from Ion Science (UK) to enable them to carry out gas detection for this application.

The PhoCheck+ was chosen to detect noxious gases leaking into the soil around the underground filling stations. PhoCheck+ is one of the most advanced handheld photoionisation detectors (PID) available on the market – and allows for rapid, accurate, VOC detection. It is highly sensitive and humidity resistant.

PhoCheck+ is the only handheld instrument of its kind capable of detecting VOC’s from 1ppb to 10,000 ppm. The PhoCheck + was chosen because the end user felt it was a good
quality product, reliable and easy to operate. In addition, the unique IS software, enables easy data processing, tracking and comparing of data - all at an affordable price.

Ease of use was also a primary consideration. The technicians using the PhoCheck+ are also responsible for the general repair and running of the filling stations; they are not expert in leak detection so it is important that the gas detectors are easy to use, with the minimum of training required. PhoCheck+ is also proven to give accurate and reliable results every time.

The PhoCheck+ was also selected for this application as it is remotely upgradeable, should additional features be required at a later date.

Another important feature is that it has a data logging facility, which allows the transfer of data, via excel and email which was considered an important benefit. This type of shared communication was a key factor in the decision to purchase the PhoCheck+.

A number of toxins including Benzene and other volatiles need to be detected as part of this application.

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