• Software for Comprehensive Chromatography Offers In-depth Insights at any Point in the Process

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Software for Comprehensive Chromatography Offers In-depth Insights at any Point in the Process

Jul 21 2010

Shimadzu (Germany), has introduced its brand-new ChromSquare software, designed for analysis of data from Comprehensive Chromatography. At any point in the process, ChromSquare is capable of delivering in-depth insights on the sample. ChromSquare has been launched at the 34th ISCC event (International Symposium on Capillary Chromatography) in Riva del Garda, Italy. At the same event, the new quadrupole series also had its world premiere with the introduction of the GCMS-QP-2010 Ultra and GCMS-QP-2010 SE systems. The new series is by far the fastest and most sensitive system worldwide.

In both LC and GC product ranges, Shimadzu offers equipment with unique capabilities for fast data acquisition. This is extremely important for the method of Comprehensive Chromatography, where all compounds of a sample are analyzed by two columns of different separation mechanisms. In this way, the separation capacity of a chromatographic system is highly increased. Developed from analysts for analysts in the laboratory of Prof. Luigi Mondello at the University of Messina / Italy, ChromSquare provides all means for quantitative and qualitative analysis of data from Comprehensive LC or GC, with and without MS detection.

Even more, it makes data handling very easy. Simultaneous display of raw data chromatogram and contour plot in one window gives users an overview of their data at any time. Based on data generated with GCMS-QP2010 Ultra, it enables searching with Linear Retention Indices in various commercial MS libraries as well as user-generated databases. A simple click on a data point in the contour plot starts the library search for GCMS data. ChromSquare uses up to five libraries at the same time, including users’ libraries. In GCMS analysis, SIM and Scan measurements in one run in Comprehensive mode lead to high quality results never seen before. For example: the minimum dwell time for SIM has been reduced to 1 ms. Now for the first time it is possible with Comprehensive GC to quantitate a set of target compounds and at the same time identify other compounds present in the sample.All of this data can be handled easily using ChromSquare software.

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