• Ensure Compliance while Optimizing Gasoline, Diesel & Renewable Fuel Analysis

Fuel Analysis

Ensure Compliance while Optimizing Gasoline, Diesel & Renewable Fuel Analysis

Sep 19 2023

The depletion of crude oil reserves is becoming increasingly evident, promoting governments worldwide to embrace renewable energy sources as they strive to meet ambitious climate targets. Furthermore, advancements in renewable technologies combined with declining costs have improved the economic viability of sustainable fuel sources.

In turn, the rapid adoption of renewable fuels is necessitating instrumentation capable of meeting renewable fuel testing requirements without compromising the efficiency, precision, and capabilities of traditional petroleum analysers.

PAC’s OptiFuel™ is that solution. The OptiFuel is a comprehensive fuel analysis solution that offers regulatory-compliant analysis of physical properties and the chemical composition of gasoline, diesel, and renewable fuels. With its advanced capabilities, the OptiFuel efficiently addresses the need for precise characterisation of fuel blends and is the ideal instrument for petroleum and renewable fuel analysis all in one instrument.

Designed for high-throughput laboratory and screening laboratories for process operations, the system’s compact size is well-suited for refineries, pipelines, and mobile labs.

To deliver smooth operation, the OptiFuel includes internal instrument health monitoring. If any issues or technical support requirements arise, PAC has a dedicated remote service support team to promptly address and resolve concerns, minimising downtime and maximising productivity. Additionally, the system is backed by an unmatched warranty on critical components, guaranteeing long-term reliability and peace of mind for users.

The OptiFuel eliminates the need for extensive setup or external software as it’s ready for use immediately upon installation. Its intuitive interface requires minimal training, and its auto-detection capabilities, simultaneous property measurements, and quick sample turnaround times allow for efficient fuel analysis.

In a time when the renewable market is expanding due to a range of factors, from crude oil scarcity to international climate change goals, the OptiFuel can help drive the adoption and acceptance of renewable energy sources, thereby accelerating the growth of the renewable market towards a more sustainable future.

Expect precision, portability, and ease of use in your renewable fuel analysis with the efficient and reliable OptiFuel. Learn more about the OptiFuel here.

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