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  • ERAVAP - The GOLD Standard for Vapor Pressure & Density Testing of Crude Oil

ERAVAP - The GOLD Standard for Vapor Pressure & Density Testing of Crude Oil

May 18 2021

With ERAVAP eralytics offers the gold standard for vapor pressure (ASTM D6377) + density (ASTM D4052) testing of crude oil combining ERAVAP with eralytics revolutionary built-in density metre module DENS4052 and with the manual piston-cylinder ERAVAP MPC (ASTM D8009):

2-in-1: Simultaneous vapor pressure and density testing of crude oil

eralytics’ innovative temperature-controlled, high-precision density metre module DENS4052 is now available for our vapor pressure tester ERAVAP. With less than 1 kg of weight, it is the lightest and smallest density metre module on the market measuring in full compliance with ASTM D4052 as well as D5002 (r = 0.0001 g/cm³).

This unique feature allows for a simultaneous density and vapor pressure measurement of crude oil and petroleum based products.

Pressurised sampling system ERAVAP MPC and FPC

Measuring live crudes containing high amounts of volatiles requires the use of a pressurised sampling system. For this task eralytics offers the newly developed manual piston cylinder ERAVAP MPC (ASTM D8009) or a Welker® FPC floating piston cylinder (ASTM D3700). The density metre module DENS4052 is fully compatible with these pressurised filling systems (MPC/FPC), making it uniquely convenient for crude oil testing.

High Performance Cell Shaking Technology

As a higher viscosity significantly delays the formation of a pressure equilibrium, shaking of the measuring cell is mandatory for ASTM D6377. ERAVAP features a superior cell and shaker design, which results not only in a faster measurement but also significantly increases the accuracy and precision.

This was also confirmed by the Canadian Crude Quality Technical Association CCQTA within a recent coordinated study performed by our Canadian partner Parkes Scientific and eralytics.

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