• ERASPEC - Spectral Fuel Analysis in Seconds

Fuel Analysis

ERASPEC - Spectral Fuel Analysis in Seconds

Nov 15 2022

It’s all about pushing a button: ERASPEC has been the leading mid FTIR spectrometer for fully automated multi-fuel analysis for years, no matter if it’s gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel or biodiesel/FAME.

Only at the push of a button ERASPEC delivers over 40 fuel parameters such as oxygenate concentrations or even complex properties like RON and MON within a few seconds from the measured IR spectrum. Each step of the measurement procedure gets displayed on the screen. In not more than one minute ERASPEC delivers a comprehensive fingerprint of your sample, the measurement is completed, results can be printed, stored or added to a library.

In combination with the integrated ultra-light (< 1 kg!) density meter module DENS4052, ERASPEC offering density measurements in full compliance with ASTM D4052 & ISO 12185 (r = 0.0001 g/cm3). ERASPEC can measure density, benzene and FAME in full compliance with international fuel specifications, like ASTM D4814, EN228 and EN590.

Your ERASPEC features at a glance:

  • Full fuel composition analysis for gasoline, diesel fuel and jet fuel
  • Pre-installed and easily expandable & transferable databases
  • Factory calibrated with a matrix of several hundred international fuels
  • Innovative multi-cell design
  • Built-in high precision density meter module DENS7777 or DENS4052
  • User-friendly software with direct LIMS communication
  • On-site identification of gasoline contamination
  • 10-position autosampler for high sample throughput
  • ASTM and DIN methods

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