• New All-In-One Analyzer Determines 1,3-Butadiene Product Specs in a Single Run

Analytical Instrumentation

New All-In-One Analyzer Determines 1,3-Butadiene Product Specs in a Single Run

Apr 19 2022

1,3-Butadiene is used to produce synthetic rubbers, nylon and plastics. As Butadiene contains approximately 100 ppm inhibitors and also forms Butadiene Dimer it is essential to control all product specifications. Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions introduces the All-In-One Butadiene Analyzer that determines the complete product specifications in a single run; including the hydrocarbon composition, impurities such as Dimer, inhibitors and other impurities. The All-In-One Butadiene Analyzer complies with ASTM D2426, ASTM D2593, ASTM D4424 and following test methods:

  • Custom Method developed by Da Vinci for the analysis of TBC Inhibitor, BHT Inhibitor, ACN, DEHA, DMF, NMP, Toluene, impurities and Residue
  • BASF Method Part I-2 for the Gas Chromatographic Analysis of Hydrocarbons
  • BASF Method Part I-3 for the Gas Chromatographic Analysis of VCH (Vinyl-Cyclohexene) in Gaseous C4-HCs
  • BASF Method Part I-7 for the Determination of 1-methyl-2– Pyrrolidone in C4 fraction

Simultaneous Analysis

The All-In-One Butadiene Analyzer is based upon the Agilent 8890 Gas Chromatograph (GC) and consists of two channels. Each channel is configured with its own sampling technique and detector. The dual channel configuration enables a simultaneous analysis of the Butadiene specifications within 30 minutes.

The front channel is configured with a Liquid Sampling Valve and/or a Gas Sampling Valve for the analysis of:

  • Hydrocarbon impurities at ppm level;
  • Butylene/Crude C4/1,3-Butadiene/Crude Butadiene/Raffinate composition.

The back channel is configured with a Liquefied Gas Injector for the analysis of:

  • Dimer and Styrene content;
  • TBC and EC3071 Inhibitors;
  • Residual solvents such as BHT Inhibitors, NMP, DMF, Toluene and Acetonitril.

Safe Injection of Liquefied Gases

The Liquefied Gas Injector (LGI) is a dedicated GC solution for the direct injection of heavier components in light matrices such as C3 - C4 streams. The safe direct injection of the LGI requires only a small amount of the Butadiene sample.

The LGI is used to achieve sub ppm level detection limits for the analysis of traces and complies with ASTM D2426. It can be used as an alternative to ASTM D1157 for determining TBC inhibitor and to ASTM D1025 for the analysis of Residue (C10 - C24 oily residue).

Representative Sample Introduction

To allow a safe and representative sample introduction of a (liquefied) gas Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions developed the DVLS Pressure Station. The Pressure Station introduces a (liquefied) gas sample into a chromatographic system and keeps the pressure at a constant level.

The sample cylinder is mounted onto the Pressure Station using quick connectors. For liquefied gas samples the Pressure Station adds high pressure Nitrogen to the sample cylinder, which controls the outlet pressure and flow. The sight glass enables a visual check of the liquid phase of the sample. The sample is introduced as a liquid using an external injection device such as a Liquefied Gas Injector or a Liquid Sampling Valve. The Pressure Station is configured with a vaporizer to avoid accumulation of the waste injection. The waste sample is vented to a central waste system to ensure laboratory safety.

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