• ASTM D8148 – Bringing haze and clarity rating into the modern age now with the added capability to test colour

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ASTM D8148 – Bringing haze and clarity rating into the modern age now with the added capability to test colour

Oct 31 2019

The determination and rating of haze and clarity in automotive, aviation and turbine fuels and lubricants have traditionally been performed by highly subjective visual methods such as the ASTM D4176 procedure 1 and 2 as well as D6986 for jet fuel. ASTM D8148 introduces a spectroscopic technique for the measurement of a fuel’s haziness or clarity. This method offers easy operation and world-class spectroscopic analytical performance, this automated approach delivers the rapid, precise and reliable haze determination measurement capability needed for today’s demanding petroleum-based process control and product quality assurance applications. 

Choice Analytical’s Color Choice hz and Clarity Choice hz were developed with the goal of eliminating questions between producers, transporters and end users arising out of the subjectivity and lack of documentation found in the visual methods currently used in the field. 

With today’s modern highly efficient engines, automotive manufacturers are being pushed to develop vehicles with more stringent standards. The manufacturer’s ability to quantify and require tighter fuel Haze limits at the retail and wholesale levels will aid in meeting performance and emission limits.

Providing even more value, the Color Choice hz has all the features and capabilities of the Clarity Choice hz but adds the ability to provide the users with the most commonly used colour scales in the petroleum industry.  Using state of the art spectrophotometers and optics, the Color Choice hz tests according to D6045 used for Saybolt and ASTM colour as well as D5386 for Platinum Cobalt/APHA colour.

This combination gives exceptional flexibility and utility to those facilities whom require a greater level of capabilities and quality control.  Users have found this functionality to be helpful in products such as fuels, lubricants and specialty chemicals.

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