• New military-approved portable oil analysis lab

Analytical Instrumentation

New military-approved portable oil analysis lab

Nov 07 2022

AMETEK Spectro Scientific offer a unique, rugged, compact and light portable oil analysis laboratory that has provided proven operational benefits to the US Military. 

The FieldLab series provides comprehensive oil and particulate analysis that enables end-users to make fast and efficient maintenance decisions. This device provides dependable and precise results, that until now would have been involved time-consuming and costly lab analysis, in a matter of minutes rather than days, or even weeks. 

The FieldLab M has been trialled and proven in the field by the US military, which led to a $8.7million contract from the Marine Corp, which preceded a $39.9m contract from the US Air Force for the FieldLab 58MA. AMETEK Spectro therefore developed the FieldLab C for use in the commercial sectors, such as upstream oil and gas production, commercial aviation, marine vessels and power generation.  

AMETEK Spectro’s unique and versatile analyser provides a rapid and economical way to monitor for potential machine wear by analysing the condition of the oil and the presence of metallic wear particles. FieldLab uses molecular and viscosity analysis to monitor oil condition, enabling operators to prolong the service life of lubricants, optimise labour resources, and reduce environmental impact as well as disposal costs.

Samples can be collected and tested onsite instantaneously; results are available within minutes, enabling end users to make time- and cost-saving decisions based on reliable and almost real-time data. 

The FieldLab is simple to operate and requires minimal set-up time with no routine calibration needed; it provides fast, clear and comprehendible results and diagnostics in a choice of eight different languages. Comprehensive analysis is provided through an x-ray fluorescent (XRF) system, infrared grating spectrometer and kinematic viscometer. FieldLab is battery-operated for instant oil analysis using the touch-panel controller; it integrates with AMETEK Spectro’s highly reputable TruVu 360 expert system and data management software.

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