• Rapid and reliable automated sampling solutions for your viscometer, FTIR and ICP.


Rapid and reliable automated sampling solutions for your viscometer, FTIR and ICP.

May 17 2023

HF Innovation provides an innovative automated combined preparation and integration solution for your viscometer, FTIR and ICP. The solution tailored to meet the end user’s specific needs. By harnessing the power of a high-speed XYZ robot, this customisable system enables seamless sample delivery to a wide range of viscometers from renowned manufacturers such as Cannon, PAC, Omnitek, and Spectro Scientific, FTIR unit such as Perkin Elmer or Bruker and produces either mass or volume-based dilutions for ICP.

Recently showcased at the OilDoc Conference in Germany, the HF Automated Solution is equipped with multiple drawers, each capable of accommodating racks of test tubes or bottles containing samples for analysis. This system offers an optional de-capping device, which enables operators to conveniently place capped bottles in the rack, saving valuable time. Moreover, the drawers can be swapped during operation, allowing users to remove and replace drawers while other samples are being processed. Once loaded, the XYZ robot quickly initiates analysis on the first sample in line.

Precision is the number one priority. To achieve this, the system uses a distance sensor to measure the precise height of the oil sample. Subsequently, a positive displacement pipette extracts the requisite sample volume, with only the tip of the pipette contacting the sample, thus minimising the risk of cross-contamination and dripping. To prevent any unwanted droplets from landing where they are not wanted, the pipette incorporates a drip catcher, strategically positioned beneath the XYZ robot. The system also caters to blind sampling, where the pipette initially doses the blind sample into the drip catcher before proceeding to the analysis sample. This step flushes the pipette and pre-contaminates the pipette further minimising cross contamination. 

Once the sample has been dispensed into either the 40 degree or the 100 degree or both viscometers, the FTIR and an aliquot for the ICP, the pipette moves to the cleaning station. Here, it undergoes a thorough spray-down while the syringe internal is cleaned by flushing using a cleaning solvent such as toluene to ensure thorough sanitation. To expedite the drying process, the pipette swiftly passes through an air blade, which not only removes any residual cleaning solvent but also prevents contamination. Users have the flexibility to adjust the solvent spraying and air-blade cycle according to their specific requirements.

This robust automated system presented produces a result for 40-degree and or 100-degree viscometer, FTIR results and a mass or volume diluted sample ready for the ICP every 60 seconds freeing up operators to carry out other work. Models in the field have reliably processed over 0ne million samples to date.

For the measurement process, the system can be operated via a standalone PC or a server-based virtual machine running HF-Innovations' Sample Manager software. This software seamlessly integrates with all major manufacturer’s instruments and HF automation formats and effortlessly communicates with major LIMS platforms. Default exports of results are available in CVS, XLS, or TXT formats, with clearly configured parameter layouts. Furthermore, the system allows customisable access for operators, lab managers, and administrators, ensuring smooth collaboration and efficient workflow management.

In addition to its exceptional capabilities in viscometry, FTIR and ICP, this device can be customised for use with other analytical methods and sample preparation tasks. Whether it is camera colour analysis Automated crackle test, automated particle count, or bottle de-capping, the HF Automated Solution can be adapted to meet diverse laboratory needs.

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