• Combustible Gas Leak Detector Receives ATEX Compliance Certificates


Combustible Gas Leak Detector Receives ATEX Compliance Certificates

Jul 15 2015

SENSIT Technologies (USA), a global leader in gas detection and measurement instruments, recently announced that its SENSIT HXG-2d Combustible Gas Leak Detector received ATEX compliance certification. ATEX approvals enable the product to be used in Europe and other countries that require ATEX certification. The SENSIT HXG-2d meets ATEX requirements when used with approved batteries.

The SENSIT HXG-2d is designed to detect combustible gases. This instrument incorporates an advanced low-power semiconductor sensor to measure a wide variety of combustible gases in both the PPM and % LEL range. The PPM readings auto-range to % LEL when the concentration exceeds 990PPM (2% LEL methane). Optionally, all readings can be set to a resolution of 0.1% LEL only (PPM off).

An “on demand” back-light helps users in low light environments. A user-activated “TICK” control assists in locating small gas leaks. Audible and visual alarms warn the operator of hazards. The alarms can be set in either the PPM or LEL modes. The default alarm is 10% LEL methane. The instrument is adjusted at the factory for either methane or propane as the primary gas, and is calibrated accordingly. The primary gas can be selected when ordering.  

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