• The CoGDEM Guide to Gas Detection now available in Amazon


The CoGDEM Guide to Gas Detection now available in Amazon

May 06 2019

This book was created by the Council of Gas Detection and Environmental Monitoring (CoGDEM) as a reference book to provide guidance on key aspects of workplace gas detection focusing on regulations and standards affecting the UK. It draws on the previous experience of the CoGDEM Gas Detection and Calibration Guide from 1999 and the Sira’s 2004/5 Gas Detector Selection and Calibration Guide, with updated and current information and a wider scope than the previous guides.

Gas detectors form an integral part of safety systems - they are vital in protecting human and environmental life. Although our modern industrial world needs gases for manufacturing processes and us as humans need oxygen, it’s the dangerous and toxic gases that are created as by-products that need to be monitored and controlled to prevent possible explosions, damaged health and death. There are many factors to consider when selecting and maintaining a gas detector to ensure the product meets its potential and fulfils its expected product life and this guide aims to help users of such equipment consider these factors. We have already established that gas detection is vital in maintaining a safe environment and the gas detection industry is well regulated by CoGDEM (outlined below), however, the detection equipment is only as good as the user and therefore thorough training, maintenance and calibration must be carried out correctly

CoGDEM is a UK based organisation trade association formed in 1974 by the UK’s leading gas detection manufacturers to become the coordinating body of the gas detection, gas analysis and environmental monitoring industry. It provides information on gas detector selection, sensing technologies, instrument calibration and maintenance and liaises with and represents the interest to the government, Europe, BSI, CENELEC, IEC and other trade and professional bodies, with an aim to safeguard the standards and expanding the market for high-quality gas detection and analysis equipment and services. Leigh Greenham, the Editor, set up consulting firm Electromagnolia Ltd in 2005 to provide market research, product certification and sensor selection (to name just a few) and Electromagnolia is responsible for the day-to-day activities of CoGDEM. He holds a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering; fulfilled a 2-year contact in Japan as an instrumentation designer; was previously the Technical Director of Crowcon Detection Instruments; has been involved in domestic carbon monoxide poisoning lobbying activities; authored and co-authored many gas detection articles; and is involved in several industry organisations.

The Chapters are written by industry experts and these authors are acknowledged in The Contributors section. Click for more information on the CoGDEM Guide to Gas Detection

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