• When it comes to gas detection – size matters!
    The GfG’s Micro IV and G888


When it comes to gas detection – size matters!

Nov 23 2021

When considering which portable gas detector is the right choice, opt for one that is small and light enough to be carried properly.

Of course, it has to monitor the gases anticipated to be on site, but in this case comfort actually increases safety. For the measurement to be accurate, the instrument should be worn in the “respirable breathing zone” of the worker. The readings should come from the same area as the air that is entering the worker’s lungs.

And the larger, heavier and more cumbersome a gas detector is, the greater the risk that it will be worn on the belt or even discarded for convenience.

Depending on your requirements, GfG’s Micro IV single gas detector and the G888 series multi-gas detectors offer the perfect combination of comfort and state-of-the art detection.

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