• It’s impossible to install gas detection transmitters in the area you need to monitor? No problem!


It’s impossible to install gas detection transmitters in the area you need to monitor? No problem!

Mar 14 2023

Some applications require you to monitor gas concentrations in areas where no transmitter can be installed, be it because the area cannot be entered at all, due to extreme temperatures or environmental conditions or because the space is simply to confined or too small (like the inside of a piping system). The solution for these situations is GfG’s GMA200-MGSS, a compact wall-mounted gas sampling system for up to three gases on up to six different measuring points.

Highly adaptable even for use in difficult conditions

The GMA200-MGSS is an all-in-one solution offering all the advantages and capabilities of a complex gas sampling system, while being no larger than a regular wall-mounted controller. The sensor block can accommodate up to three sensors. Two electrochemical and/or infrared sensors and one catalytic combustion sensor can be integrated to monitor oxygen concentration, toxic gases and combustible gases down to the lower explosion limit. Its modular add-on concept allows you to adapt the system to fit your individual application and requirements. Whether the environment you need to monitor is hot or cold, humid or dusty – the versatile controller will support you in measuring one to three gases from up to six different measuring points.

To ensure accurate monitoring as well as long sensor life, we offer a range of accessories, including a water barrier, a condensate trap and suitable cooling coils. There is also a flame arrester which will allow the GMA200-MGSS to sample, aspirate and analyze gas even in Ex zones.

Relays for all your safety measures

The MGSS comes with eight internal relays, six of which can be programmed individually. If your application requires more relays however, connecting our GMA200-RT/RTD relay modules will allow you to increase that number: up to four of them, with 16 relays each, can be attached to your MGSS controller. At its maximum capacity, you will therefore have 70 freely programmable relays at your disposal. For even larger scopes, an additional twelve external transmitters can be connected via the digital RS-485 interface.

Quick assessment of danger for fast emergency responses

Current measured values, the MGSS’s operating status and the alarm level are always indicated by its backlit display and the status LEDs. A red LED bar and an integrated buzzer will additionally signal when an alarm is triggered, ensuring you notice dangerous situations quickly and can act accordingly. In combination with a TFT panel PC and the GMA200Config visualization software, all data generated by GMA200-MGSS can be also be displayed centrally on a large touch display. All measured values and incidents are also stored on a microSD card for future review and evaluation by the internal data logger.

Do you need an even more specialized system?

For especially challenging applications, which not even the GMA200-MGSS can handle reliably, we also offer individually tailored gas sampling control cabinet solutions. Contact one of our experts for an individual consultation.

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