• Every boiler room should have a gas detection system


Every boiler room should have a gas detection system

Nov 15 2022

No matter their size, industrial boiler rooms pose many potential dangers, especially if they use combustible gases and vapors as an energy source. A reliable gas detection system – in an appropriate size - is therefore essential to minimize these risks. This solution doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate, and will increase the safety of people, the plant and the environment.

Alarms before reaching critical concentrations

Boiler rooms are generally not permanently monitored. A gas leak can quickly become dangerous if it goes undetected – which can happen even with people present. A professionally installed gas detection system discerns combustible gases like methane, propane or natural gas even in low concentrations. You will therefore be alarmed before the Lower Explosion Limit is reached, with a pre-alarm typically set at about 20 % LEL, giving you time to initiate appropriate emergency measures.

Handy solution for four transmitters

The GMA22-M controller is a great choice for smaller facilities with up to four measuring points. The small housing for wall-mounting will give you more freedom when deciding on an installation location, as you will need neither elaborate control cabinet solutions nor a lot of space. The controller can monitor the measured values and status reports of up to four transmitters simultaneously via the digital RS485 interface. On-site alarms are signaled by red LEDs, the colored backlit display and the buzzer.

Add-ons are available

Four internal relays, three of which can be programmed freely and (depending on the model) are equipped with a normally open contact or changeover contact, can be used to connect additional alarm and safety features, such as flashing lights or buzzers. Depending on the alarm level, they will either alert the on-site staff or cut off the gas supply. If you require more or decentralized relays, you can connect the GMA22-M to up to four GfG relay modules with up to 64 further additional relays (16 normally open contacts per GMA200-RT/D).

A smart LEL transmitter for Ex zone 2

Our CC22 ex with catalytic LEL sensor is a reliable and space-saving solution for monitoring combustible gases and vapors in Ex zone 2. Depending on the monitored type of gas, the CC22 ex is installed close to the ceiling (for gases like methane) or on the floor (for gases like propane or butane). It communicates with the central controller via the digital RS-485 interface (Modbus). Due to comfort functions, such as the configuration via mobile app or remote calibration with the GMA22-M, maintenance for the CC22 ex is both cost-effective and quick.

Solutions for every type of plant

Your plant is complex or contains especially at-risk areas, up to Ex zone 0, that need to be monitored? No problem! We have suitable controllers and transmitters for LEL monitoring for every situation. Click here for an individual consultation with one of our experts.

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