• The FLIR<sup>TM</sup>SC660 Infrared Camera System by FLIR Systems


The FLIRTMSC660 Infrared Camera System by FLIR Systems

Jan 27 2009

FLIR Systems AB has launched FLIRTMSC660 – Infrared camera system has a temperature range of -40°C to +1500°C suitable for R&D with highest sensitivity and most advanced features:

Highest Sensitivity
The SC660’s high-definition 640×480 infrared detector delivers exceptional sensitivity, resolution, and image quality for scientific and research applications. Its 0.04°C sensitivity and ±1°C (1.8°F) accuracy means precise readings, taken on smaller objects, at safer distances. The Dynamic Detail Enhancement (DDE) feature further improves thermal image sharpness.

Visual Image Integration
The SC660 includes an integrated 3.2 megapixel digital video camera to aid in data presentation. Infrared and visual images can also be
stored in standard JPEG formats. The visual camera includes a matching Field Of View (FOV) lens, so IR and visual images correlate over various
distances. Moreover, full flexibility in the fusion of images allows user adjusted sizing and location of a picture-on-picture (PoP) view.

Multifunction Video Capture
The SC660’s 5.6” widescreen LCD allows on-camera viewing of images. Its FireWire interface can transfer 14-bit radiometric or RAW data directly into a PC for real-time analysis of captured images. Furthermore, radio-metric sequences can be stored on high capacity (1 GB) SD-cards, an advantage when viewing moving targets. MPEG-4 non-radiometric video sequences can also be streamed to a PC via USB.

Voice and Text Annotation
The user can record a full 30 seconds of digital voice and embed it with each IR image. This allows a full description of the target and situation to be recorded and then documented in a data presentation. In addition, data from the built-in GPS system can be used to denote the camera’s location. For added flexibility, text comments for each
image can be entered manually or preloaded from a PC. Similarly, thermal
and visual images, temperature measurements, and annotations can be
transferred to the PC via USB.

Productivity Features
An abundance of features enhance the convenience and productivity of the
SC660. Its tiltable viewfinder provides high-resolution colour imagery. The multiangle handle has an integrated joystick and buttons and for easy point-and-shoot operation – functions like auto-focus, freeze-frame, and image storage are just a button click away.
Manual focus allows operators greater flexibility, while the auto-focus is helpful in hard-to-focus situations, and allows new users to become productive sooner. A visual target illuminator (lamp) ensures
good visual reference images, even under low lighting conditions.

Safety Enhancements
The laser locator on the SC660 helps associate a spot on the IR image with the exact location of the target object. This greatly enhances user safety by eliminating the tendency to “finger point” at hazardous areas. The camera’s large target-distance to spot-size ratio allows users to do accurate measurement and analysis, while quickly and
safely conducting IR studies in dangerous environments. An optional wireless remote control unit is very useful in hard to access areas, or when the operator needs to be away from the camera for safety reasons. This feature is WLANbased, and allows MPEG video to appear on the remote display.

Lightweight and Rugged
The ergonomic magnesium housing is designed for rugged portability and
meets the IP54 standard, thereby protecting internal parts from shock,
vibration, dust and water-splash. The result is a camera that weighs only 1.7kg (3.8lb) with battery, for the comfort of users that need to carry a camera several hours a day.

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