• New and unique benchtop cloud and pour point analyser to expand petroleum testing instrumentation range

Pour Point

New and unique benchtop cloud and pour point analyser to expand petroleum testing instrumentation range

Sep 05 2019

Scavini has manufactured petroleum testing equipment in accordance with ASTM, IP, DIN, ISO, EN, JIS, IS, AFNOR etc. since 1957. Located on the beautiful shores of Lake Maggiore in Italy, 30 km from the Swiss border, it has a wide variety of analysers in its portfolio, from flash point testers to cold properties analysers, from demulsivity to foaming and oxidation stability testers there are more than 150 different instruments available, most of them fully automatic.

Known for their ruggedness, durability and reliability, Scavini instruments can be seen in many labs around the world thanks to a capillary distribution network.

Scavini recently introduce the first ever compact benchtop cloud and pour point cabinet powered by Stirling cooling compressors instead of the traditional refrigerators. The main advantages of this instrument are reduced dimensions, very low power consumption (less than 0.5 kW) and much better performances as working temperatures are reached in less than one hour.

The equipment has a total of 16 jackets divided in groups of 4: each group is maintained at the different test temperatures (0, -18, -33 and -51°C) but any of the four groups can be set also to -69°C. Electronic thermos-regulators with digital displays maintain the jacket temperatures with +/- 0.25°C accuracy, each group of jackets has a separate cooling unit with a dedicated switch on the front panel.

Jackets are also suitable for CFPP tests in accordance with ASTM D6371, IP 309 and EN 116.

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