• X-One and S-One Oil-in-Water Analyzers: The Next Generation in Hydrocarbon Monitoring of Produced Water

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X-One and S-One Oil-in-Water Analyzers: The Next Generation in Hydrocarbon Monitoring of Produced Water

May 16 2023

As governments and businesses worldwide increasingly commit to stricter environmental regulations, monitoring all discharge water for hydrocarbon contamination is paramount for many industries involved with hydrocarbons, including onshore and offshore oil production and refineries.

The new X-One and S-One Oil-in-Water Analyzers by Advanced Sensors ensure accurate hydrocarbon monitoring of produced water, enabling operators to consistently record accurate discharge measurements and quickly react to process changes in real-time. While the X-One model is the EX rated version and the S-One is the safe area version, both can be configured to measure in bypass and in-line.

The analyzers' capabilities leverage advanced sensing technology, such as deep UV fluorescence for light oils and laser-induced fluorescence for crude oils. The X-One and S-One analyzers provide operators with continuous, precise concentration measurements and detect a wide range of oil and oil components, including condensates, light fuel oils, BTEX, PAH, crude oils, and more.

Enhance performance and lifetime of operation while reducing user maintenance with the new Ultrasonics Cleaning system, which uses artificial intelligence to remove fouling build-up without operator prompting. The X-One and S-One analyzers also boast an extended laser lifetime of 36 months, which is the equivalent to having two or more lasers in one system.

The X-One and S-One are intuitive to use, with a modern user interface and animated display screens. The analyzers offer unparalleled functionality with the new software platform, sophisticated data management system, the ability to generate PDF and CSV reports of historical data, and capabilities to connect third-party devices to the controller via Modbus and 4-20mA.

The X-One and S-One Analyzers represent the next generation of process analyzers for oil-in-water measurements. Optimize your oil and water separation processes, reduce operation costs, and improve process efficiency today with the X-One and S-One Analyzers.

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