• Viscosity Index Analayser for Optimal and Cost-Effective Refining Operations

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Viscosity Index Analayser for Optimal and Cost-Effective Refining Operations

Feb 14 2014

The Model P-950 Viscosity Index Analyser, from Orb Intruments (USA), is the result of combining the latest, state-of-the-art technology with over 20 years of industry experience. The result is an unsurpassed, high-quality viscosity measurement system that produces the process control signal required to perform today’s optimised and cost-efficient petroleum refining operations.

This updated design combines traditional, reliable oil bath viscosity with key systems control upgrades. With    the    end    user    in    mind,    attention    to    design    detail    allows    for    ease    of   maintenance    previously    thought    unattainable by conventional systems.

The P-950 measurement cycle is designed to correlate to the ASTM Method D-445. The measurement itself is based on the Hagan-Poiseuille principle, which states that a fluid’s pressure differential across a capillary will vary proportionally to the fluid’s absolute viscosity. Sample is continuously refreshed via a bypass line on the instrument. A filterted sample slipstream is pulled from this line into the microprocessor controlled heat exchanger oil bath which brings the sample temperature to the specified measuring temperature sample flows through viscosity module.

An optional kinematic viscosity output package allows the end user to program fixed or enter assgined sample densities for an output of kinematic viscosity. While continuously streaming viscosity data output, the P-950 also monitors several system parameters in order to assure a reliable measurement. Sample inlet temperature, bath temperature, and bath oil level are all continuously monitored to assure system reliability. An optional customisable sample conditioining system can be added to handle samples of extreme temperatures and/or heavy particulates.

Given today’s highly competitive environment, oil refiners are demanding instrumentation that aids in the 
optimization of the refining process. Therefore, refineries require a reliable and accurate viscosity analysis system to meet the required specifications. This analysis will allow the operators to optimise the refining process and therefore lower production costs while improving product quality.

Other features include: customisable 2-4000 cp sample range (optional kinematic output in cst), continuous sample Viscosity and Viscosity, Index output, Does not require atmospheric recovery system, superior repeatability exceeding astM D-445 and D-2270 and remote diagnostics over Ip. 

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