• On-line Process Analyser Continuously Measures Salt Content in Crude Oil

Measurement and Testing

On-line Process Analyser Continuously Measures Salt Content in Crude Oil

Jun 27 2008

An on-line process analyser that quickly and accurately measures the salt content of crude oil is now available from Orb Instruments, Inc (USA).
Intended for use in desalting operations and other refining processes where salt content measurements are critical, the Model P-600 Salt-in-Crude Analyser measures salt concentrations with ±0.5% accuracy. The standard measurement range is 0 to 400 PTB (0 to 1000 mg/liter); narrower measurement ranges are also available. A typical measurement cycle takes approximately 6 minutes and correlates to ASTM D 3220.

Extremely rugged and simple to operate, the Model P-600 Salt-in-Crude Analyser displays measurement data along with other pertinent monitoring information on a local liquid crystal readout. Salt concentration data are also output as analog and/or digital signals, while built-in alarm relays immediately alert control room personnel to salt concentrations that exceed user-set levels or conditions which may affect salt content measurements.

The Model P-600 Salt-in-Crude Analyser’s analytical technique is based on ASTM Method D 3230, measuring the conductivity of a crude/xylene/alcohol solution and then converting that value to a salt concentration. To minimize solvent consumption, the measurement system features a digitally controlled syringe sampling system, micro-volume solenoid valves, and a micro-measurement chamber equipped with a high-resolution conductivity probe, stirrer, and temperature control.
The Model P-600 Salt-in-Crude Analyser is housed in an explosion-proof enclosure suitable for use in Class I, Div 1, Group C and D hazardous areas. Standard outputs include one isolated 4-20 mA analogue output, two fail-safe SPDT alarm relay contacts, and bi-directional serial communication.

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