• The Latest in Vapour Pressure Technology for Today's Petro Operations

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The Latest in Vapour Pressure Technology for Today's Petro Operations

Feb 14 2014

The Model P-700 RVP Analyser, from Orb Instruments (USA), combines the latest, state-of-the-art technology with over 20 years of industry experience. The result is an unsurpassed, high-quality Reid Vapor Pressure measurement system that produces the process control signal required to perform today’s optimised and cost-effective petroleum blending operation.

Using a simply constructed, yet rugged, measurement chamber and sample delivery method, operation 
cost savings have been realised without complicating the analytical system. The P-700 demonstrates the 
optimisation of the fluidics paths by employing components and materials tat allow for a rapid measurement cycle without limiting accuracy, repeatability or reliability.

The P-700’s measurement cycle is based on the ASTM Methods D-323, D-4953 and D-5482 and correlates to D-5191 and D-6377. This is done by using a digitally controlled syringe sample handling system, micro-volume solenoid valves and an angled measurement chamber equipped with a high-resolution pressure sensor and magnetic stirrer.

First the sample chamber is emptied by opening the sample drain and the measurement chamber vent valve. By utilising the purge gas, any remaining fluid and vapors are removed. This is followed by a measurement chamber zeroing sequence, where the chamber and pressure sensor are normalised and the measurement baseline is established.

By continuously tracking the pressure signal during the analysis cycle, the diagnostic function checks the 
fluidics system for leaks, drifts and other abnormal events. The VisioGraph advanced diagnostic routine 
provides end users with immediate knowledge of the condition of the analyser.

The precision and usefulness of the Model P-700 RVP Analyser, can be further enhanced with the addition of an optional validation/grab sample system. This will allow the end user to either introduce a reference solution or a known sample for immediate analysis. This feature provides a simple system verification or a quick analysis of a non-automated sample stream. The optional dual-stream sampling system offers an economic way of automatically monitoring two sample streams with a minimal loss of measurement response time.

Other features include: Measurement range of 0-35psi (0-2500 mbar), Superior repeatability of 0.05 psi (3.5 mbar), elevated sample temperatures of up to 75°C, Rapid analysis cycle of 5 to 6 minutes or less, Optional validation sample system, Optional stream switching, Remote diagnostics over IP, Standard applications include gasoline & crude oil and AStM D323, D-4953, D-5482, D-5191 & D-6377.

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