• Innovative Trace Moisture Measurement in Liquids

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Innovative Trace Moisture Measurement in Liquids

Jul 30 2008

With the multi-channel trace moisture measurement device Hygrophil F-5673, Bartec (Germany) not only convinced the gas industry but is also setting new standards in the field of moisture measurement in liquids. In these highly challenging applications, the fibre-optical sensor L1660 impresses not only through its robustness and its chemical resistance but above all through its maintenance-free qualities and its precision. All problems that have been occurring in moisture measurement in liquids so far, such as drift, cross-sensitivity and contamination, are a thing of the past now with Hygrophil F-5673. Due to the long-time stability of L1660, frequent and costly recalibrations are no t required any longer. The sensor provides reliable measurement results in polar and in non-polar liquids and is less susceptible to the deposition of particles and the development of deposits. Besides, it can be cleaned easily and without any problems.
Up to three of these sensors can be connected to the Hygrophil-F display device of the newest generation whose standard version is equipped with a graphic-capable display for process analysis and with a data logger which can easily be read out via a USB interface. In the up-to-date software version the literature data of the most common liquids are stored (Henry constants, saturation values in dependence upon the
temperature) and new user-defined characteristic lines of diverse media can be recorded and saved.
Hygrophil F-5673 enables the measurement of moisture content of liquids in a continuous, reliable, precise and longtime stable manner.

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