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Connected safety in the mining industry

Nov 14 2023

The mining industry is likely one of the most demanding industries to work in. Not only is the labour itself taxing on the workers, the environment offers numerous challenges as well. From working in confined, dimly lit spaces far below the ground to oxygen deficiency and hazardous gases, miners must be prepared for a number of different dangers. It is therefore important to supply every employee in the mining industry with modern, high-quality safety equipment.

There are a variety of gas dangers that must be considered when talking about the mining industry. While explosive gases are the most notorious, toxic gases and oxygen deficiency can be just as lethal. Some of the most dangerous gases in these environments include methane (CH4), carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO) nitrogen oxides (NO or NO2) or hydrogen sulphide (H2S). As the majority of mining work is performed in confined spaces, the asphyxiation risk, caused by other gases displacing oxygen, is much more common in this industry than in many others. This process happens quickly and will likely go unnoticed, as most gases can neither be seen nor smelled. To protect every person working in mines from this variety of harmful and even lethal threats it is thus extremely important to equip them with reliable gas detectors. These will alarm them as soon as concentrations cross certain thresholds, so appropriate safety measures and evacuations can be initiated immediately.

GfG started out as a business specialising in gas detection in the mining industry more than 60 years ago. While we have since breached out considerably, we will still provide your team with excellent portable gas detectors to protect them from all the invisible dangers that might go unnoticed otherwise.

Building on our decades of experience in the gas detection sector, we have developed several portable devices specifically for mining applications (Group I, Category M1, Equipment Protection Level Ma). The Polytector III G999M and the Microtector III G888M both offer excellent protection against all common risks, as they can monitor up to seven different gases simultaneously. The M devices of both series are designed to withstand the industry’s challenging environmental conditions, can be used in Ex zone 0 and are certified as protection class IP67.  

All devices of the G888 and G999 series can be connected to the TeamLink G999L. The TeamLink is a central monitoring unit which the team leader or supervisor can use to keep an overview of up to ten different portable gas detectors of team members. This way, information on the measured values, any activated alarms and status of the team members can be constantly monitored at a central location outside the immediate hazard zone.

Our whole range of gas detections devices is developed and designed to minimise the inevitable risks that occur when working in dangerous environments. Please do not hesitate to contact one of our specialists to discuss the right gas detection solution for your application.

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