• International Competence Qualifications for the Petrochem Industry

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International Competence Qualifications for the Petrochem Industry

Nov 21 2012

CSA-Sira, a leading provider of Global certification and approvals including ATEX, IECEx and North American, has expanded its training portfolio to offer training specialising in inspection, installation & maintenance of equipment in potentially explosive atmospheres.

The training offers a route for engineers and technicians working in petroleum related industries to gain an international competence qualification.

Specialising in training personnel working in potentially explosive atmospheres for over 25 years, the inception of the IECEx Competence of Personnel Scheme in 2010 has expanded the CSA-Sira training portfolio to cover training in the 10 ‘competence units’ outlined in the IECEx personnel competence scheme.

The scheme provides companies with independent proof that a person holding an IECEx Certificate of Personnel Competence has the knowledge and skills necessary to implement the International Ex Standards. It is a personal and transportable certificate that can evolve with a candidate’s job function.

The scheme is aimed at both engineering and technician levels, and therefore allows those working in these fields to gain an internationally recognised qualification against international competence and IECEx requirements.

Unit Description
Ex001 apply basic principles
Ex002 area classification
Ex003 installation
EX004 maintenance
EX005 overhaul/repair
Ex006 test electrical installations
Ex007 visual & close inspection
Ex008 detailed inspection
Ex009 design electrical installations
Ex010 perform audit inspection

The expansion of training follows other initiatives implemented by CSA-Sira to offer the most comprehensive range of products and services for those involved with the ‘Ex’/HazLoc industry.

Product Certification
As its core business, CSA-Sira provides certification for Europe, USA, Canada and the rest of the world from a single local trusted source. Experienced engineering teams strategically located around the globe work in conjunction with members of their Global Market Access team to provide support to a broad range of certification marks required in a global economy. This access alleviates the need to navigate these markets individually and greatly reduces the product time to market.

CSA-Sira’s expansion of their certification programs has led to expanded laboratory capabilities, a doubling of the capacity of their lab and expansion of their engineering team assuring access to one of the largest and most experienced Ex/Hazloc teams globally.
With increased capacity in both people and testing facilities, and a comprehensive training programme to IEC competence requirements, CSA-Sira continues to lead the way in serving those involved in potentially explosive atmospheres.

More information:
Tel: +44 (0) 1244 670 900
Email: info@siracertification.com
Web: www.siracertification.com

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