• Global valve event to incorporate technology in the battle against coronavirus as well as industrial usage

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Global valve event to incorporate technology in the battle against coronavirus as well as industrial usage

Sep 18 2020

Valve World Expo, the international leading trade fair taking place from 1 – 3 December 2020 at Düsseldorf Fairgrounds, will not only be focusing on valve technology for sectors such as the oil, gas, petrochemical, chemical and water/wastewater sectors, but also the latest technologies used in the fight against Covid-19.

Fast and effective means to fight the coronavirus pandemic are being sought out. Valves, which are used in respirators, for example, are also part of the solution. In addition, facilities equipped with valves must be available to effectively produce treatments and vaccines against Covid-19 in millions of units in short time periods. The valve industry is working flat out on components to play its part in overcoming the crisis.

Hospitals must be supplied with enough medical oxygen – an essential requirement that has been intensified during the coronavirus crisis. “In addition to stationary oxygen tanks, mobile tanks are increasingly being used in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, which are urgently needed for temporary hospitals and medical stations”, explains Herose. The company’s valves are used for the technical configuration of these tanks.

According to Herose, the products require a high degree of precision, as well as complete purity, and are therefore particularly suitable for medical oxygen. “They are 100% free of oils, greases and other contaminants. This is essential, as in an oxygen-enriched atmosphere, oils and greases are at risk of quickly self-igniting.” In order to meet the increased demand for valves and to protect the health of employees, the company has worked to optimise its work and production processes. “We are aware that our valves help save lives”, says Martin Maas, Managing Director of the Fluid Technologies EMEA division.

The global demand for respirators is rapidly increasing in intensive care units in hospitals. To help meet this demand, IMI Precision Engineering has expanded its production capacity for Flatprop 2 valves in Palézieux, Switzerland. These valves control flows “and facilitate highly precise dosing of gases and gas mixtures. These properties make them essential components in respirators”, explains IMI Precision Engineering.

Respirator manufacturers require a great number of complex individual parts – including safety valves for protection. “We also supply respirator manufacturers and in this way we are contributing to the protection of human life”, explains Goetze Armaturen. But the company’s products are not only found in respirators. “We also support manufacturers in disinfection technology by providing them with parts.”

Hoerbiger Flow Control is also on the front line of crisis management. “Our piezo valves are a key component for respirators”, says Managing Director Philipp Baldermann. “We have major orders from Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.” In some cases, current monthly orders are exceeding the normal annual volume.

Festo also manufactures piezo valves that serve as air and oxygen valves in medical technology. They are noiseless, light, have very short switching times, require little installation space and are suitable for oxygen applications, for example in ventilation technology.

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