• Level Measurement with Free FDT/DTM Capability

Flow Level Pressure

Level Measurement with Free FDT/DTM Capability

Jan 11 2008

Magnetrol (Belgium) has decided to offer full and free DTM capability to all its customers. Most Magnetrol transmitters have been equipped for some time to work with DTM’s. This allows the customer to troubleshoot and configure units from distance using PACTware™ (or other FDT Frame programs). These advantages can also be exploited over internet and e-mail, involving top specialists from all over the world to help solve a field problem without dismantling a field instrument. The effectiveness in getting users up and running quickly and efficiently has persuaded Magnetrol to promote the use of its DTMs and offer this capability for free. PACTware™ is a FDT Frame program that communicates bi-directionally with almost any type of communication protocol (e.g Hart). It offers a universal and user-friendly alternative to all kinds of proprietary instrument software and field hand held devices. PACTware™ is an open platform that allows linking the communication of field devices and components from different suppliers and operating all these instruments in the same manner.

Eclipse 705, Jupiter 200, EZ Modulevel and Pulsar transmitters’ use of DTM’s allow users to remotely access from their PC or laptop all configuration parameters, diagnostic messages and warnings, echo curves and trending. The echo curves visualize important measuring information that allows a user to validate the signal and trace problem areas. Echo curves, Parameter lists and Trend files can easily be printed, saved and
sent over the internet to optimize factory support. Visit Magnetrol’s website (www.magnetrol.com) to download the newest DTM’s for free Magnetrol is a participant on the PACTware™ roadshow team that organizes seminars and workshops for end-users. The next roadshow is
planned on November 20-21 and 22 visiting Germany (Köln), Belgium (Grobbendonk), and the Netherlands (Brielle).

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