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  • Oil, Chemical and Polymer Analysis Resources: 1 Registration Page, 11 On-Demand Webinars

Oil, Chemical and Polymer Analysis Resources: 1 Registration Page, 11 On-Demand Webinars

Oct 20 2020

Stricter environmental regulations, the urgent need for more sustainable energy production / product manufacturing processes and the increasingly rapid development of novel materials in the polymer, battery and fuel cell sectors is leading to the demand for ever more sensitive, adaptable and intelligent analytical instruments and software. 

The latest innovations that have been developed to meet these demands are covered in this 11 webinar series by subject matter experts from across Thermo Fisher Scientific. The packed agenda of oil, chemical and polymer analysis presentations, covers everything from rheometry, combustion ion chromatography and elemental analysis to FT-IR, NIR and high resolution mass spectrometry.  This comprehensive on-demand webinar series also includes presentations covering the application of digital science innovations to streamline your workflow and data reporting, using the latest laboratory information managements systems (LIMS).

Between them, the webinar presenters have more than 200 years of experience working in the oil, chemical and polymer analysis business, so you are certain to gain a wealth of rich insights from their presentations. The 11 webinars are as follows:

  • Exploration and Production: Optimising the Opportunity with Simple Laboratory Tools to State-of-the-Art Analytical Technology – Nina Albrecht, HR-IRMS Product Specialist and Kirk Chassaniol, Application Scientists Manager
  • Moving Crude and Gas from Well to Plants - Solutions for Common Problems and Challenges in the Future for the Midstream - James Pachlhofer, Implementation Specialist
  • Refining Crude into Product - Solutions to Improve Efficiency, Profitability, and Safety and Compliance - Josh Howard, Customer Solutions Engineer
  • It Takes a Lot of Water to Turn Oil into Gold - Hari Narayanan, Product Marketing Manager and Kirk Chassaniol, Application Scientists Manager
  • It's ELEMENTary - Managing Challenges in Inorganic Analysis - Daniel Kutscher, Product Marketing Specialist
  • Building Confidence in Quality Assurance - Matt Bartucci, Application Scientist
  • Sweating the Small Stuff - Spectroscopy on the Micro Scale - Suja Sukumaran, Senior Application Scientist
  • Pushing the Boundaries in Material Research - Ron Rubinovitz, Senior Application Scientist
  • Improving Manufacturing Quality and Efficiency via Near Infrared Spectroscopy - Robert Jones, Senior Application Scientist
  • Software to Drive Your Science - Why Some Oil & Gas Companies are Looking to the Cloud - Katie Evans, Senior Product Manager, Digital Science and Jon Webb, Senior Sales Manager, Digital Science
  • Digital Transformation in Process Manufacturing - Increasing Productivity Through Digital Science Solutions - Trish Meek, Director of Marketing, Digital Science

Whether you are working with raw materials such as crude oil, trying to formulate your next optimum polymer blend, or conducting QA/QC on final products, these presentations will give you new insights and ideas on how to make your laboratory more productive. To register for the presentations you’re interested in, just click here

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