• The First High Performance Wax Column for GC and GC/MS Analysis of Polar Compounds

Analytical Instrumentation

The First High Performance Wax Column for GC and GC/MS Analysis of Polar Compounds

Oct 17 2008

Varian, Inc. (USA) announces the VF-WAXms, the new wax column for the analysis of polar compounds by GC/MS.
VF-WAXms is the first ultra-low bleed wax column, plus the first high performance wax GC column designed to be used with mass spectrometry. VF-WAXms is ideal for trace analysis as the ultra-low bleed provides better signal to noise ratios. A polyethylene glycol (PEG) coated phase provides for high selectivity, and the VF-WAXms features an operating range of 20 to 250 °C for maximum flexibility. The VF-WAXms is manufactured for food, beverage, flavor, FAME, acid, alcohol, aromatic and fragrance applications, especially where trace analysis is
needed. Lower limits of detection enable the accurate separation of polar compounds. The column`s ultra-low bleed increases sensitivity, extends column life and improves accuracy, even at higher temperatures. In addition, VF-WAXms columns are suitable for use with MS detectors, as the ultra-low bleed eliminates interferences and permits more sensitive detection.
Advanced coating technology from Varian means that the VF-WAXms
columns are highly inert. Such inertness gives better chromatograms and
enhances critical pair separation. Significantly improved performance is achieved but the typical selectivity of PEG remains unchanged.
"With the FactorFour range, Varian is clearly a leader in high performance GC columns", says Martin O`Donoghue, Senior Vice President, Scientific Instruments, Varian, Inc. "By providing much improved performance in GC/MS, the VF-WAXms extends Varian`s product offering in certain application areas, such as food and fragrances. This product launch further enhances Varian`s reputation for innovation in product design and application."
FactorFour (VF) is a line of high performance capillary gas chromatography columns from Varian, Inc. Utilizing advanced proprietary manufacturing methods, FactorFour columns are highly inert, ultra-low bleed columns offering high signal to noise ratios with minimal peak tailing. These advantages combine to give superior performance for routine and trace analysis.

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