• New Extremely Durable Capillary Column Prolongs Column Life
And Maximizes Trace Sensitivity in GC and GC/MS

Analytical Instrumentation

New Extremely Durable Capillary Column Prolongs Column Life And Maximizes Trace Sensitivity in GC and GC/MS

Sep 04 2008

Varian, Inc. (USA) have announced the release of the VF-5ht UltiMetalâ„¢ column for GC, with its unique, extremely durable construction and ultra low bleed capability, even under harsh operating conditions.
Key benefits of the column include its very high durability in high temperature applications, so you can spend more time gathering information and less time replacing broken columns. The stabilized liquid phase coating gives low bleed and low baselines for excellent trace analyses at high temperatures. andPre-installed retention gaps and
with leak-tight and low dead volume couplings permit large sample volume injections for improved peak shape.
Varian’s UltiMetal coating overcomes all the problems associated with fused silica and stainless steel columns. The basis is a stainless steel capillary that is extremely durable when operating at high temperatures. Varian’s UltiMetal technology renders the stainless steel inert and enhances the bonding of the stationary phase. The result is long column lifetime with excellent peak shape and low column bleed for the best detection limits at high temperatures.
The robustness of the coating means that column breakage is a thing of the past. In addition, the column’s coating renders the stainless steel inert and so stationary phase bonding is nhanced, lowering column bleed and improving detection limits. The UltiMetal column provides the highest signal-to-noise ratio and greatest productivity, so you
can be very confident in having the best experimental results and the lowest cost per analysis.
Varian’s FactorFour™ enhanced phase chemistry ensures low column bleed with few crosslinks. Too many crosslinks make the stationary phase less liquid, giving rise to degraded peak shapes even for inactive compounds
such as alkanes. Varian’s advanced phase chemistry keeps the stationary phase of the VF-5ht UltiMetal very stable, without limiting chromatographic performance.
The VF-5ht UltiMetal column is the latest addition to Varian’s superb FactorFour range of low bleed GC columns.
FactorFour columns are superior capillaries offering bleed specifications up to four times better than competitive products. The columns are synthesized using a proprietary stabilization technology that results in the highest signal-to-noise ratios for trace analysis, lower detector contamination for reduced maintenance, better spectra,
fewer background ions and faster stabilization. In short, they provide better chromatography.

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