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Online Polymerisation Process Monitoring and Control

Jan 11 2008

Varian Polymer Laboratories (UK) offers innovative polymerization monitoring and control systems for continuous and real time measurement of polymerization reactions by either rapid chromatographic methods or Automatic Continuous Online Monitoring of Polymerization reactions (ACOMP).

Real time measurement of polymerization reactions is of great importance in successful polymer production. The benefits of online monitoring include a better understanding of polymerization kinetics, increased process efficiency and optimized products. Using innovative PL-PMC polymerization monitoring and control systems from Varian Polymer Laboratories, it is possible to access information on these changes of state, so that reactions can be modified in real time to avoid expensive and wasteful mistakes.

Key benefits of the PL-PMC include continuous access to polymerization reactions from initiation to completion, thereby gaining more information than from single, offline or bulk property measurements. Closed loop control means that feedback can be used to change reaction conditions during polymerization. Also, potential failure sequences are eliminated to save time and money, and improve yields and product quality. Making use of totally automated, unsupervised operation frees up staff time. Using PL-PMC it is now possible to take proactive control of polymerizations by "moving the lab to the sample". Using continuous sampling directly from the reactor, chromatographic (HPLC/GPC/flow injection) and/or automatic (ACOMP) monitoring generates information on molecular weight averages, % conversions, solution viscosity, polydispersity and % composition as a function of reaction time.

The PL-PMC system is ideal for new polymer research and development, polymerization process development including reactor conditions and design, initiator selection and monomer feed/composition, and production monitoring and control.

The system's particular strengths are in supporting polymer R&D in industry and academia, at laboratory and pilot plant scale.

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