• Further Organisational Evolution for Sensor Manufacturer

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Further Organisational Evolution for Sensor Manufacturer

Aug 13 2015

Continuing the organisation`s evolution Refex (UK) are delighted to announce that Tim Russell, CEO of REFEX Ltd. and Thomas Eßer, CEO of UPM GmbH agreed to cooperate and to run all Sales and Marketing via UPM Vienna, Austria office, with immediate effect.

All Research and Development, Production and Logistics will be continued from Westport, Ireland.

With the new board of directors and repositioning, REFEX Ltd. will strengthen its position in the global pH/ORP electrode business market supplying and supporting all clients, partners and OEM´s with electrodes with the patented Non-Porous reference junction making all electrodes with porous junctions obsolete.

Tim Russell, who developed the patented Refex electrode technology over the last thirty years, will assume responsibility and activities and be instrumental in leading the business owning a strategic position based in Langkawi, Malaysia.

Thomas Eßer brings strong business and commercial acumen to the role being the CEO of UPM and is running all marketing and sales to manage the current and growing electrode business with his team based in the North of Vienna, Austria.

Being located in the heart of Europe, UPM has access not only to the German speaking areas offering a very promising relationship for both, Refex and UPM.

With Thomas on board the electrodes profitability and sales numbers shall be significantly increased by redesigning the sales and service structure and defining new commercial strategies.

Ray Barrett, promoted to the role of Production Director – REFEX Ltd. being located in Westport, Ireland, is tasked with all production and operations systems including running the factory and logistics. With Ray managing the factory and production, all future requirement and extended quantity and quality targets are met together with his great team.

Together with our global partners, the team will create a cohesive global unit. The team will share best practices, understand global standards and add a mindset that will deliver successful products seamlessly delivered to our customers.

Refex electrodes, complemented by nearly every pH analyser solution, will bring our customers increased levels of safety and productivity saving cost by reducing not only maintenance down time and chemistry cost.

Refex electrodes are perfect for: Chlor-Alkali processes, Anaerobic Bio-Gas Effluent Treatment pH systems, Refinery Sour and Oily Waters, Ultra Pure Waters, Boiler-Feed Waters, Potable Water Treatment, etc. The Refex electrodes as standard have the patented Non-Porous reference junction.

This is an ionically conductive, hard-polymeric material that has made all electrodes with porous junctions obsolete. The Refex non-Porous reference interface doubles as an immobilised electrolyte - and more importantly as a separating interface barrier that prevents all liquid contact/exchange between the chemically aggressive process waters and the electrode's Ag/AgCl reference half cell in 2.8 mol/l KCL electrolyte. The Refex electrodes cannot be poisoned or fouled.

This is a major break-through for pH/mV sensors and for electrochemistry as a science making all porous/open/leaking reference electrodes obsolete because the electrodes - are not in exchange or contact with liquids (process with Ag/AgCl half cell/ electrolyte), cannot be fouled (coatings must remain wet and conductive), cannot be poisoned (typically H2S sour waters etc.), withstands high and varying temperatures 0-100 C, withstands high and varying pressures vacuum to > 20 BAR, No mV drifting - stable Eo zero point, maintenance free, instant response to pH change, chemical savings no over-shoot beyond Hi/Lo set points, accurate pH 0-12.5, compatible with all good quality pH instruments, retrofits to existing plumbing/flow-cells/Immersion systems, patented (Contact Window), long life - many times longer than all others.

Refex electrodes are available in different forms and connections to be compatible with existing plumbing/flow-cells/pH transmitters.

TRY IT/BUY IT - Refex offers a free 90 day evaluation of the Refex pH/mV electrodes.

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