• Non-Porous Electrodes Offer Numerous Advantages Over Predecessors

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Non-Porous Electrodes Offer Numerous Advantages Over Predecessors

Oct 13 2015

The objective: to establish what Refex (UK) electrodes can do better than porous electrodes - The list is impressive. Read on and see why Refex electrodes offer a fundamental 'step-forward' for reference and combined pH and ORP electrodes.

In terms of resistivity, Refex electrodes demonstrate the same tough and dependable manufacturing typical of all Refex products. Resistant to fouling and poisoning (surface deposits/coatings must remain wet and conductive), electrodes are also resistant to electro-static interference (electrolysis cells), pressure resistant > 30 BAR without the need for pressure compensation, resistant to nuclear/gamma radiation, resistant to vacuum (no electrolyte suck-out), and temperature resistant - no pumping when hot or sucking back when cooled.

Refex electrodes are also chemically resistant – typically to H2S and NH3 oil and gas, chlorinated brines, quench waters, and extreme chemical processes.

Refex electrodes are the best choice for sanitary applications, corrosion potential measurements, all water treatment applications from UPW right through to oily waste waters, nuclear power plants where access to the electrode is not possible, and low ionic waters thanks to zero diffusion potential and KCl dilution errors.

Ag/AgCl half-cell mV integrity is maintained, meaning no KCl electrolyte loss, and no back-diffusion poisoning. The Non-Porous advantage is a fundamental 'step-forward' for reference and combined pH and ORP electrodes. Non-porous media results in no dead space, and therefore no batch to batch contamination. The electrodes are also steam-sterilisable and compatible with all good quality pH transmitter with dual high impedance inputs.

The instant response to pH change, ideal for optimised coagulation, means there is no over-shoot beyond Hi/Lo set points. The same applies to chemical savings – there is no wastage due to over-dosing.

Refex electrodes demonstrate extremely low maintenance; Eo zero is mV stable, and with zero liquid exchange or contact between the process and the Ag/AgCl half-cell there is no mV drifting. Combined with the low maintenance comes a long electrode life - 90% of all electrode failures, or those that require high maintenance, are due to the short-comings of porous/open/leaking reference junctions.

Availability for Europe covers the 12 x 120 mm and 12 x 225 mm models, and for the USA and ROW 3/4" and 1" all in one combined electrodes.

Lastly, Refex has been granted a new IP for the Contact Window Refex combined and Reference electrode. 

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