• State-of-the-Art Solution for Group Type Analysis of Gasoline Blends

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State-of-the-Art Solution for Group Type Analysis of Gasoline Blends

Apr 19 2023

Are you looking to optimize laboratory efficiency and performance? Look no further than PAC’s AC Reformulyzer M4 – the fastest and most flexible gasoline and gasoline blend stream analyzer on the market. This instrument combines analysis for paraffins, olefins, naphthenes, oxygenates, and aromatics in one tool, delivering analysis results in just 39 minutes.

The Reformulyzer M4 uses simple and proven separation principles and a Flame Ionization Detector, a reliable and direct detection technique without sample or component-specific bias. Its robust design reduces operational costs per sample and minimizes the need for multiple analyses, thanks to its excellent precision and accuracy. These benefits contribute to higher profitability in your lab.

Designed with maximum uptime in mind, the Reformulyzer’s olefin trap boasts a superior lifetime, while the nitrogen carrier saves costs and avoids helium supply chain risks. Furthermore, the Diagnostic tool and certified AC quality control samples allow for system performance verification, keeping your lab running smoothly.

With the intuitive Reformulyzer software, you'll get an extensive range of methods and pre-programmed modes, including a standard olefin method that covers entire concentrations up to 75%. This translates to improved ease-of-use and greater flexibility than ever before.

Now available on the Agilent 8890 GC platform, the Reformulyzer M4 offers intelligent capabilities that allow you to work with your GC, not on it. These capabilities can grow as your analytical needs change and offer real-time access to instrument status and information. Plus, with the Reformulyzer M4, you can even check analysis status, troubleshoot, or start sample runs remotely using the mobile access features.

The Reformulyzer M4 is the worldwide leading standard EN ISO 22854 and ASTM D6839. It’s also fully compliant with numerous other leading standard test methods. It’s used all over the world and is listed as the referee method for hydrocarbon type analysis in the European gasoline specification.

Have confidence in reporting your group type analysis results for finished gasoline and gasoline feedstocks with the Reformulyzer M4 – the only true group type analyzer available on the market.

Learn more about the AC Reformulyzer M4 on our website.

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