• Optimise your Simulated Distillation Analysis with Intelligent Software and Simplified Maintenance

Analytical Instrumentation

Optimise your Simulated Distillation Analysis with Intelligent Software and Simplified Maintenance

Jun 20 2023

Boiling point is a crucial specification in characterising petroleum streams, and the AC SIMDIS Analyser by PAC offers complete, turn-key gas chromatographic solutions for reliably determining true boiling point data – from naphtha to crude oil samples.

Often, the smallest performance improvements can make the biggest difference in your operations, and the same holds true when aiming to maximise efficiency in petroleum stream analysis. The SIMDIS can help you optimise your process operations with its intelligent design functionality and comprehensive automation that reduces maintenance, and fast, accurate boiling point data every time.

The SIMDIS GC comes equipped with PAC’s unique Temperature Programmable Inlet (TPI). This inlet is easy to maintain ensuring consistent inlet cleanliness and repeatable baselines. Additionally coupled with the light-solvent Automated Liquid Sampler (ALS), users will see enhanced injection precision through cooling and optimised airflow.

Enjoy ease of operation with the SIMDIS XLNC which is an added workflow-oriented and intuitive software interface, featuring one-click access, drag-and-drop functionality, and a smart filter. Automated blank subtraction, calibration, and system validation guarantee reliable and accurate results every time. Furthermore, the SIMDIS software offers customisable QC and calibration definitions, providing graphical QC results for instant pass/fail review.

As the dedicated analyser for simultaneous determination of boiling range distribution, the SIMIDIS is compatible with a wide range of major chromatography data systems, including Openlab, EZChrom, Chemstation, ChromPerfect, Chromeleon, Galaxie, CompassCDS, and Atlas. It also supports multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, and French.

Achieve fast, accurate, and reliable boiling point results, reduce maintenance, and fulfill your process optimisation goals with the AC SIMDIS Analyser—the market leader in simulated distillation analysis.

Learn more about the unparalleled capabilities of the AC SIMDIS Analyser by PAC here.

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