• Going green with blue – dependable and precise cetane measurement for clean-burning hydrotreated diesel fuels from renewable feedstocks

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Going green with blue – dependable and precise cetane measurement for clean-burning hydrotreated diesel fuels from renewable feedstocks

Apr 05 2023

IQT® instruments, from CFR Engines Inc., provide unsurpassed cetane measurement for clean-burning hydrotreated diesel fuels produced from renewable feedstocks. Production and demand for renewable or “green” diesel continues to expand as government low-carbon fuel policies incentivise the use of fuels with low life cycleCO2. A typical renewable diesel can have a cetane value of 75 or greater. This attribute enables the blending of renewable diesel with conventional diesel to offer both lower carbon and higher cetane. Accurate, consistent, and precise repeatable cetane certification ensures that renewable diesel profits are maximised.  

The latest revision of the European IQT test method, EN 15195, has increased the upper limit of the method scope to 76.8 DCN. With the higher limit, the test method precision statement is applicable to the latest generations of ultra-high cetane paraffinic diesel fuels such as renewable diesel, HVO, and GTL. Unlike instruments with narrower scope limits, IQT measurements with these fuels are valid* for certification purposes. IQT test method EN 15195 is the referee test method in the European standard for paraffinic diesel fuel from synthesis or hydrotreatment (EN 15940). EN 15940 specifies a minimum cetane number of 70.

To support enhanced cetane measurement, CFR Engines has developed the next generation of the Ignition Quality Tester line of Constant Volume Combustion Chamber (CVCC) instruments, the IQT-XLM. While leveraging the capabilities of the previous IQT-TALM model, the IQT-XLM also includes operational and service enhancements in a more compact package, suitable for both benchtop and traditional wheeled cart installations. Utilising the original and proven IQT combustion analyser, the IQT-XLM continues to conduct tests that are fully compliant with all procedures of the current IQT test methods (ASTM D6890, EN 15195, and IP498).

In addition to a sleek design, the IQT-XLM has an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) that is integrated with a cooling system packaged inside the instrument. The XLM model also adds new sensors and diagnostic capabilities to monitor the condition of the instrument, enhancing the ability of the user to plan maintenance and maximise uptime. 

To support enhanced testing, the IQT software has also received a complete refresh including a new touchscreen-compatible user interface with multi-language support, improved self-diagnosis capabilities, and simplified access to test records and system logs. The refreshed IQT software is pre-installed on all IQT-XLM instruments and is also compatible with the existing IQT-LM and IQT-TALM instruments.

Recognizing the value that IQT users place on the on-site serviceability of existing IQT units, the IQT-XLM was designed with ease of service in mind.  Removable panels allow easy access to all components, and numerous quick-disconnect fittings and terminals make component replacement easier than ever.  Fuses have been replaced with circuit breakers, and there are individual circuit breakers for each combustion chamber heater. All standard spare parts for the XLM are shared with the existing LM and TALM IQT units.

As global demand for “green” diesel continues to increase, ensure that the profitability of this product is maximized by properly certifying its exceptionally high cetane value.  Test with the industry leader, the IQT-XLM.

*According to ISO 4259-1, “the highest acceptable single result that is deemed as a valid result of the test method shall be the higher scope limit + 1.2R, where R is evaluated at the high method scope limit value” 

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