• Midget chiller? Small sample gas cooler with outstanding performance

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Midget chiller? Small sample gas cooler with outstanding performance

Aug 19 2015

Extractive gas analysis tends to be utilised in application areas in which standardised conditioning systems are the first choice. These systems will usually consist of 19” racks, cabinets or even portable solutions. The technology for extractive gas analysis has been well established for a long time therefore the essential ingredients to produce reliable analysis results remain the same. Consequently, the installation of reliable and powerful components is paramount. For efficient condensate removal from the sample gas, semi conductive Peltier elements are broadly used as the chilling device.

Bühler Technologies’ new TC-Mini sample gas cooler has been developed specifically for these applications. Such systems include a number of components which need electrical supply and are connected by a common control circuit. Therefore, power supplies which convert the AC mains to 24V DC throughout the entire system are a standard feature. Consequently, the new TC-Mini comes without an AC converter and has a 24V DC input. Normally, it is difficult to determine the ambient temperatures for the cooler under operational conditions and they may vary throughout the year. To cover this uncertainty, the TC-Mini is available in two basic versions: one for ambient temperatures up to 40°C and one for up to 50°C. This pre selection is essential because the cooling performance is dependent on the difference between ambient temperature present on site and the sample gas entrance temperature. Another feature of the new sample gas cooler is the variable setting of the exit dew point of the gas. The variation of the dew point helps to increase energy efficiency under given parameters in quite a number of applications without the risk of deteriorating the results of the analysis. In conjunction with the material selection of the heat exchanger, the dew point may be adjusted at 3,5,10 or 15°C. Under optimal conditions, the dew point variation may even increase the ambient temperature range up to 55°C.

The new TC-Mini Series has very compact dimensions and offers the Bühler standard choice of heat exchangers in stainless steel, glass or PVDF. The basic cooling performance is 55 kJ/h at an exit dew point of 5°C. The operation is simple, LED’s inform about the status and a corresponding signal output can be used, for example, to trigger the sample gas pump after the chiller has reached his operating status. An additional, analogue signal output connects the TC-Mini to the main controller of the system for super vision. The units can be enhanced with additional, optional functions like particulate filter and moisture detector.

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